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Amplified Artists, community for performing arts professionals, launches October 19

Amplified Artists.
Amplified Artists.

Amplified Artists is a new online membership community designed specifically for those working in the performing arts. The mission is to create abundance in the kind of art you make and, more importantly, to build a bountiful life.

Director/choreographer Jim Cooney is the founder and host of Amplified Artists. He says, “I’m excited to help artists streamline and integrate all aspects of their artistry, especially since so many of us have been pursuing other creative avenues during this pandemic.”

There are a variety of ways Amplified Artists helps its members. Cooney continues, “There aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to something as subjective as your art or as individual as you. Plus, I feel it’s important for everyone to meet you where you’re at, whether you’re just starting out in this field or are a seasoned pro, and regardless if you’re a performer, creator, designer, teacher or a hybrid of any of those.” 

Members of Amplified Artists have access to a library of outcome-oriented courses covering a variety of career and life topics to help align all of their efforts to maximize the results. There are also downloadable templates, checklists and cheatsheets to help get better organized and get things done easier and quicker.

The heart of Amplified Artists, though, is the community. There are monthly live community calls for members to all come together, and there are forums where members can get feedback, gain accountability, network, share resources and enjoy kinship. 

Cooney notes, “Most of us spend our career going from gig to gig, where we’re perpetually leaving one community to join the next. Here, you have an everlasting family, allowing for deeper relationships and stronger bonds that can only grow over the span of time.”

Amplified Artists launches October 19. However, you can join the waitlist now to gain early access and at a discounted membership rate without any obligation to become a member once enrollment opens. 

To learn more and join the waitlist, visit www.AmplifiedArtists.life

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