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Winners of the 2018 Joffrey Ballet School Summer Scholarship Contest

New York Dance School

In early March, Dance Informa announced the return of its massive Summer Scholarship Contest in partnership with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. The giveaway invited dancers around the world to submit a 1-3 minute video and to complete a form to apply to attend one of the Joffrey Ballet School’s prestigious summer programs.

Now, after accepting audition videos for six weeks, the final list of 20 winners has been announced! Each winner has received summer tuition to the program they applied for. See their name, their choice of summer program, and where they’re originally from.


Musical Theatre

  • Abigail Kachinosky — Musical Theater NYC — Michigan
  • Grace Sun — Musical Theater NYC — Canada
  • Brooks Jackson — Tap Spectacular Miami — North Carolina
  • Emily Rigby — Musical Theater NYC — Sydney, Australia
  • Adriana Quezada — Musical Theater NYC — California


  • Lara Taylor NYC Ballet Intensive NSW, Australia
  • Valentina Raphael NYC Ballet Intensive Mexico
  • Jake Gisby NYC Pre-Professional — New Zealand
  • Tina Pyrcz NYC Ballet Intensive — VIC, Australia
  • Giovana Franzoi Mourão Martins — NYC Ballet Intensive — Brazil

Hip Hop

  • Chelsea Lane — LA Summer of Hip Hop — QLD, Australia
  • Caleb Dean — NYC Summer of Hip Hop — New York
  • Tkaiia Williams — NYC Summer of Hip Hop — New York
  • Andreu Garcia — LA Summer of Hip Hop — Nevada
  • Phillipa Ferreira — NYC Jazz & Contemporary— NSW, Australia

Jazz & Contemporary

  • Kiana Thoreson — NYC Jazz & Contemporary — Idaho
  • Weronika Kaminska — NYC Joffrey Experience — Poland
  • Elijah Naidas — Joffrey Miami — Florida
  • Alex Macnab — NYC Jazz & Contemporary — VIC, Australia
  • Telea Jensen — NYC Joffrey Experience — QLD, Australia

In addition, the contest also offered a Full Tuition Scholarship for One Year to the Joffrey Ballet School Trainee Program in NYC! The exclusive opportunity was awarded to one of the ballet summer scholarship recipients — Jake Gisby of New Zealand!

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all the entrants who participated in this video scholarship contest!

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