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How Embarrassing…

By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa.

Round 2 of How Embarrassing pokes fun at two sexy male dance stars, Lockhart Brownlie and Joshua Horner.

Lockhart featured on October 2012 cover of Dance Informa and spends his time travelling the world performing with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, and the like.

Lockhart was brave enough to share the following epic story with us…

It’s feels like it was just yesterday that I was an ensemble member on the hit show Wicked, Melbourne, Australia season. It was a double show day and we were doing the matinee show. We had a new cast member coming into the show, who happened to be a good friend of mine. This day was her day to sit in the audience and watch the show. The time comes when we all go to OZ wearing our green glasses, crazy green costumes, wigs and all. My wig was a Hurley styled wig (like Hurley from the TV show LOST) and I had to ride a big green 3-wheeler bicycle.

Lockhart Brownlie

Professional dancer Lockhart Brownlie. Photo by S. Tong Photography

I normally run off stage, pass the stagehand my magazine prop and sit on my bike. The stagehand would grab my long train on my coat and put it behind me so it wouldn’t get caught in the bike. The part in the show is when Elphaba and Galinda are standing in the middle of the stage singing One Short Day and I ride around them in a circle on my bike before exiting off with a big wave.

This one time, I rode on as normal and just as I get to centre stage in front of the girls, my feet slipped off the pedals. My feet slip and I go tumbling over the handlebars. The bike ends on top of me. I’m center front, in front of the girls, stuck under my bike.

I was stuck there for a good 4 counts of 8 before I could get myself untangled and up from under the bike. My costume jacket was still stuck in the wheels and so I had to drag the bike from center stage to the wing with no help and the two leads trying to sing but in full laughter over what they had just seen happen in front of them.

The rest of the cast enter upstage from both sides after I make my way off, pulling my bike behind me, my wig all over my face and screaming: “can someone help me”.

The cast is in full hysterics as they try to sing the chorus to the song. What made it even funnier was having my friend in the audience watching the show. She DIED. She couldn’t stop laughing. Neither could the cast. Later on I find out from the choreographer of the show that never in Wicked history has anyone done that!!

Meanwhile, when Joshua Horner isn’t starring in musicals, running Dance Upon A Dream (www.danceuponadream.com), featuring on TV shows, creating for Disney and teaching dance, he is embarrassing himself on stage, in rehearsal, and in the newspapers…

Write to Dance Informa at rebecca@danceinforma.com.au and share your embarrassing dance moments with us. If you have humiliating footage, please include a link or file so that we can share it with the world.

We are laughing with you, not at you.  I promise.

Photo (top): Josh Horner does a split jump at the Melbourne Cup, splitting his pants! Photo source: www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/sydney-confidential/joan-collins-still-knows-how-to-be-stylish/story-e6frewz0-1226185112651. Photo by Gina Milicia, The Daily Telegraph.

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