Dance Informa Video Interview Series. Episode 2: Kirsten Russell

Kirsten Russell interviewing with Allison Gupton from Dance Informa
Kirsten Russell interviewing with Allison Gupton from Dance Informa.

In the second installment of our Dance Informa Video Interview Series, I had the extreme honor of interviewing four amazingly talented JUMP Dance Convention instructors, Kirsten Russell, Akira Uchida, Al Blackstone and Nick Lazzarini. 

First up is the wonderful Kirsten Russell. I feel like Kirsten and I had a connection almost instantly. She is open, warm and kind and has produced some of my favorite choreography of the past few years. Her style is quick (and then slow), and so musical, and I was happy to speak with her about how long it takes her to choreograph one eight count. Within those few short counts, Kirsten has this way of pulling notes and counts out of nowhere to be unveiled in a magical way.

While she was in the middle of her busy schedule teaching at JUMP Atlanta, Kirsten stopped by to have a chat with me about her choreographic process, her style and her biggest inspirations. 

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

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