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Só Dança, the dancewear and dance shoe company that’s been supplying dancers worldwide with quality attire for over 20 years, recently partnered with the one and only Broadway Dance Center (BDC) in New York City. The two major industry influencers came together to collaborate on a promotional video for Só Dança’s new Broadway – Cabaret Collection.

For the video, Broadway choreographer Josh Bergasse, who’s known for his work on Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryOn the Town and Smash, led a mock audition for a class of professional dancers. The gorgeous dancers donned the new character shoes to test them out.

Josh Bergasse at the Só Dança video shoot at BDC.

Josh Bergasse at the Só Dança video shoot at BDC.

“I had a great time working with Só Dança and BDC on this project,” Bergasse says. “I put together the cast and then choreographed an ‘audition-type’ routine for the shoot. And I even made a cameo in the video.”

BDC, Só Dança and Bergasse all agree that this collaboration was a blast and that it was the ideal pairing of industry giants.

“I’ve been teaching at BDC for 20 years now, but I’m just getting to know Só Dança through my fiancée Sara Mearns. We hit it off really well,” Bergasse shares. “The dancewear and shoes that Só Dança dressed the dancers in were really practical and fun. They helped show off the dancers’ lines while giving each of them a unique look that had personality and can really get a dancer noticed in an audition.”

Helena Hines, chief of operations at Só Dança USA, says it was exciting to work with BDC.

“Broadway Dance Center is an incredible facility and group of individuals who are dedicated to dance at a global scale,” she notes. “What can we say… they get it! Partnering with BDC has made complete sense for Só Dança, as they are passionate individuals, involved in the dance community, providing dancers with all possible tools they need in order to succeed in a dance career, or to simply enjoy a passion, hobby, dance interest! When you put together the Só Dança team and the BDC team, it is always a good time, as we fit together like a puzzle.”

Hines adds, “We (Só Dança) pride ourselves in being industry leaders for dancewear and dance shoes. We could not think of anyone better to partner with for the launch of our new Broadway and Cabaret shoe than Broadway Dance Center. If you have not checked them out yet, you are missing out! GO!”

Likewise, April Cook, director of public relations at BDC, gushes over the opportunity to work with Só Dança, calling it thrilling. She also points out that Só Dança works closely with the BDC Professional Semester program, exclusively designed to launch sustainable dance careers.

“We are very careful to partner with companies that have the same integrity, passion and care for dancers that we do,” Cook says. “Só Dança’s attention to high-quality, fashion-forward dancewear and footwear makes them a trusted name in the dance community, and we’ve found that their company and wonderful leadership team are a perfect fit with our mission of inspiring the world to dance.”

Só Dança Broadway Cabaret Shoe.

Só Dança Broadway Cabaret Shoe.

Both companies are also grateful for Dance Informa’s support with this collaboration. Cook points out that it’s fitting for BDC to work with the digital dance magazine since it has a global reach, just like its studio.

“Their content is always informative, and we see that everything they generate is with the purpose of contributing to a well-rounded, happy and healthy dancer lifestyle,” says Cook. “We are absolutely pleased to have such a brand’s support and, in return, are happy to give them ours as well.”

Hines echoes Cook’s thoughts, saying, “Similarly to BDC, Dance Informa has a heart and a commitment to the dancer. From the founders of Dance Informa to the entire staff, this team is passionate about being on top of the latest trends, newsworthy topics and are eager to help inform the dancers and dance enthusiasts about what is taking place in the dance community. We have watched the Dance Informa team grow over the years and become an even more robust organization with many qualified dancers and organizations behind them supporting their hard work and commitment to the arts. We are excited to partner with such great people and company.”

One representative points out that this is a trio of organizations that can collaboratively boast Só Dança’s slogan “we know dance.”

“To bring three companies like ours together is to create a team that serves dancers as a whole,” Cook says. “From classes that train and mold dancers, to dancewear that supports dancers’ specific and demanding needs, to journalism that serves to inform all types of dancers, we all participate in educating the dancer to be the very best they can be.”

Hines wholeheartedly agrees. “Together, there can be no doubt that we know dance,” she says.

Watch the video Só Dança and BDC created for Só Dança’s Broadway – Cabaret Shoe Collection below. Ask your local dance retailer for Só Dança’s new Broadway – Cabaret Collection. Head to www.broadwaydancecenter.com to see what classes and special events are coming up.

By Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa.


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