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Mystère – Cirque du Soleil

Treasure Island, Las Vegas
August 8 2011

By Deborah Searle.

Mystère is an all engaging Cirque du Soleil classic. The first creation in Cirque’s Vegas Strip empire, Mystère has all the elements that made Cirque du Soleil a hit, combining powerful athleticism, high-energy acrobatics and inspiring imagery to take the audience on a dream-like journey.

Deemed a theatrical “flower in the desert”, Mystère thrills audiences with its exhilarating blend of magic, drama and the unimaginable. The story line is one of new life a celebration of life, and can be interpreted differently by each viewer. Mystère explains that life itself is a mystery, full of beauty, wonder and surprises.

The acrobatic Spermatites

With strong men, aerialists, dancers, trapeze artists and gymnasts all sharing the same stage, Mystère is thrilling and memorizing. The music, sound and lighting are perfectly connected, whilst the stage changes and moves throughout the show, creating different levels and new exciting landscapes for the artists to explore.

The dancers and acrobats are incredibly talented. They take us on a journey with them and make us feel as if we too can fly. The character of ‘Red Bird’ is a standout. His beautiful lines and dance movement, followed by quick, fluid acrobatics draw the eye. And Les Bébés, a comical baby character, is entertaining and light-hearted. Les Bébés provides a laugh and some relief from the intensity of the other performances.

With a perfect mix of humor and awe, this show is a must see for all ages. Presented exclusively at Treasure Island in Las Vegas, Mystère is one of those theater experiences that can’t be missed. You’ll never look at life the same again…

Photos by Al Seib, costumes by Dominique Lemieux

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