Finding balance as busy dancing sisters: A talk with the Quiner Sisters

Quiner Sisters. Photo by Chris Stark.
Quiner Sisters. Photo by Chris Stark.

“Sisters, sisters…” sang Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney in the holiday classic White Christmas (is it in your head now?). The song describes the unique bond amongst sisters, a bond that the Quiner Sisters know well. The six highly talented and driven dancers have made a name for themselves as positive, fun and affirming social media influencers – sharing their story of working hard at their craft together as sisters. 

We caught up with them to discuss making school and taking care of themselves manageable in the midst of rigorous dance schedules, authentically sharing a dancer’s life on social media, doing brand partnerships right, finding dance flooring that works well for them, and much more. Let the curtain rise to hear from them!  

Quiner Sisters. Photo by Chris Stark.
Quiner Sisters. Photo by Chris Stark.

We love that you’re all sisters who dance together – I’m sure we’re not alone there! Do you think being sisters helps you to connect artistically in unique ways? 

“When we work all together, it helps us to grow – to work with our sisters and to have healthy competition. We all have different strengths, and we inspire each other to work on our growth areas. Having a shared passion also helps us to become closer as sisters.”

We also love that your public presence sort of demystifies a dancer’s life, allowing the general public to learn what it’s really like – not to mention promoting overall wellness and healthy balance for dancers! Would you say that those are goals of yours? What else might be goals for your social media presence? 

Social media is really fun! We love to share our passions that way. We like to do our dancer version of Instagram and TikTok trends but also make it relatable for all types of people. It’s also promoting ourselves at the end of the day.”

Indeed, you all seem to have found commendable balance and ways to attend to your whole-person wellness. Understandably, some dancers struggle to find that for themselves. Any words of wisdom for dancers on that journey? 

“We love to meal prep, on Sundays. We also believe that if you’re a professional dancer or otherwise dance a lot, it’s important to find other hobbies as well as to take time to relax – one day off a week, for example. Dancing all the time can get really exhausting! We like taking time with family for games, walks and time in nature. Crochet, swimming and time with our pets are other favorites. These are great ways to de-stress and connect with our loved ones.”

You also seem to do product sponsorship in ways that don’t feel salesy or forced – rather, it all feels natural and fun. More and more dancers nowadays are doing brand partnerships to supplement their incomes, build relationships, et cetera. Might you have tips for dancers on making brand partnerships organic and positive? 

“We try our best to have it be natural! We also mostly partner with brands that we use all the time, so that helps keep it authentic. We try to integrate our content into current social media trends as well, to have it be fun to make and to watch. We have a filming schedule, for when we’re all at home, so that we can coordinate and film together – so that helps make it happen in our busy schedules.”

You have Stagestep as a brand partner! Do you use their products at home? How do you find your floor?

Quiner Sisters. Photo by Margo Reed Studio.
Quiner Sisters. Photo by Margo Reed Studio.

“During COVID, when everything locked down, we wanted to find a good Marley that could work with the flooring in our house. We also needed something that’s not slippery and is affordable for our family. Stagestep was all of those things! The one that we have has padding because it’s on concrete. We also have many of Stagestep’s portable boards, even for different styles — a tap board, a ballet board, et cetera. Those are helpful for when we want to make reels outdoors. They’re very multi-purpose!”

Balancing school and a rigorous dance schedule, like you all do – it’s not easy, not in the least. How do you make it all work? Many of our readers could probably use your experienced perspective here! 

“Balancing dance and school is tough! We take advantage of those in-between times to get schoolwork done – for example, in the car when traveling to the studio and at times when we’re waiting for each other to be done with class before we all head home. Being homeschooled helps, because we can take time off here and there if we really need to and make up for it another time.”

Please share anything else that you’d like to with our readers! 

“If readers want a closer look at our life, they should check out our YouTube and other social media channels! Find us on Instagram at @quiner_sisters (where you can also find all of our individual handles), on TikTok at @quiner_sisters, and YouTube at @quinersisters.”

By Kathryn Boland of Dance Informa.

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