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Regina Klenjoski Dance Company returns to its L.A. roots with ‘The Golden Apple’

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company's 'The Golden Apple'.
Regina Klenjoski Dance Company's 'The Golden Apple'.

Regina Klenjoski Dance Company (RKDC) will present the west coast premiere of The Golden Apple and return to its Los Angeles roots, with a performance on October 21, at the James Armstrong Theatre.

The Golden Apple is an innovative interdisciplinary contemporary dance performance drawing inspiration from a Macedonian folk tale which explores the urgent mandate to consider our natural resources as elements to preserve, use wisely and protect. Artistic Director and Choreographer Regina Klenjoski crafts an imaginative evening-length work that uses contemporary dance as an abstract language to question the impact of economic and social systems on our planet’s conservation.

The Golden Apple‘sspectacular dance narrative gracefully embraces the elemental forces of Earth, Air and Watercapturing their profound beauty and importance to life on this planet. The main character travels through the mysteries of Earth discovering its rhythms and depth. Another dancer breathes life into Air, breaking away from stillness and giving tangible form to this ethereal element. Another dancer embodies the significance of Water, revealing its sacred nature and power. This dance theater performance boldly reminds us of our deep need for connection with the natural world.

The production features original music by Michael Wall, an internationally recognized composer, performer and educator whose innovative and impactful voice has left an unforgettable mark on the world of music and dance. Drawing inspiration from a rich array of sources, from Miles Davis to Steve Reich, Wall’s compositions have not only thrilled audiences but also revolutionized the way we perceive dance music. 

The Golden Apple also features live poetry and narration by Wanderer (aka Cydnee A. Reese). Wanderer is known for complex, layered, passionate delivery and writing. She engages with communities and uses what she learns in her works. Her goal is to present various perspectives of different life experiences of subgroups of people through art. Wanderer has been writing and performing spoken word poetry since 2013, and won poetry slams in Colorado Springs (Hear Here), Kansas City (FTW Slam), New York (Nuyorican Poets Cafe) and San Antonio (Puro Slam), to name a few. Wanderer also began a poetry collective — Steel Script — at her alma mater, The United States Air Force Academy.

Dancers in The Golden Apple are Aviance Battles, Tristian Griffin, Tim Portwood, Rile Reavis, Rhiannon Vieyra and Madelyn Zaring.

For more information, visit rkdc.org.

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