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Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique aka That Brazilian Couple: Breaking limits through dance

Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique.
Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique.

Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique, known as That Brazilian Couple, are professional ballet dancers with over 25 years of experience, dancing at the renowned Metropolitan Opera in New York. The couple has gained so much popularity on social media, becoming an important influence in the world of dance.

An exhibition of art and photography called The Four Elements will be launched by That Brazilian Couple in partnership with the photographer Elton Davel. The goal of this exhibition is to show the importance of connection between humans and nature.

The Four Elements will be held on October 22 and 23, at Caelum Gallery in Chelsea, New York, an area of Manhattan that is widely known for receiving exhibits of artists from all over the world. Becoming part of this particular event means to discover in depth our connection with nature, or mother Gaia, expressed through art.

Another important launch in this art exhibition is a book which describes in detail the trajectory of the artists, their long path to success, and the struggles and the efforts they have put in the process of creating the project. The book will be available for purchase at the exhibition and online. The series consist of 26 works, which will also be launched at NFT, available in a metaverse gallery. The artists have also produced a mini documentary, which shows details of behind the scenes featuring interviews with indigenous peoples explaining the concept of the four elements and their importance of life on earth.

The funds of this project will be designated to indigenous people of Latin America. Giving contributions in very important matters as the indigenous people is one of the main goals of the exhibition.

Part of these funds will be used for the construction of an artisan well in the villages due to the difficulty of getting water in some specific areas. Another part of the funds will be designated to build fish ponds in order to give the opportunity to these indigenous families to raise fish for their own food resource or fish trade, to become less dependent on the city. 

That Brazilian Couple are YouTube stars and social media personalities, with nearly a one million subscribers on YouTube and 500,000,000 views. They also have over 1.2 million followers on their TikTok account. Ana Luiza Luizi and Junio Enrique started their online journey during the pandemic, posting videos twice a day. Their audience increased, inspiring thousands of people through dancing. Now, That Brazilian Couple is using their voice and talent for higher causes, such as indigenous people in Latin America and more. Their most recent credits include choreographing and dancing in major campaigns for Disney, Rodgers and Hammerstein organization, HBO Max and many more. 

For more information on The Four Elements, visit www.eventbrite.com/e/the-four-elements-tickets.

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