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Spark your thinking with Examine and Evolve Retreat for studio owners

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Studio owners can get access to Studio Expansion’s free Examine and Evolve Retreat Guide to spark the thinking and planning process to make a solid and achievable action plan for next year.

The two-day self-guided studio owner retreat will be offered for free and will include a 30-page Retreat Guide.

Amongst this Examine and Evolve Retreat Guide, Studio Expansion CEO and Founder Chantelle Bruinsma will take studio owners through a process of exploring their relationship with life and business a little deeper.

Here is what will be covered in the Examine and Evolve Retreat Guide:

#1. You’ll dive into a series of considerations for you to gain crystal clear understanding of how the four key areas in your business have been playing out.

#2. You shall look to how moving forward you can make these four key areas soar even more so. You can strive to bring balance and momentum for you and your business in 2021. 

#3. The Examine and Evolve Retreat has been created with the vision that you book in a special overnight stay somewhere that speaks to you. To work elsewhere and outside with a view can be so soul and mind nourishing. If going away is not possible, no problem. Studio Expansion has options of how you can complete your Retreat Guide whilst at home with no distractions.

You can access Studio Expansion’s Examine and Evolve Retreat Guide by clicking here.

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