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Deborah Lohse. Photo courtesy of Lincoln Center at Home.
Deborah Lohse. Photo courtesy of Lincoln Center at Home.

This Thursday, March 26, dancer and Lincoln Center Teaching Artist Deborah Lohse will teach a live dance class on Lincoln Center’s Facebook page for a Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom, exploring and drawing inspiration from the familiar spaces in our own homes that we take for granted.

This class is part of Lincoln Center’s new larger initiative just announced, #LincolnCenterAtHome, a portal that enables families and communities to keep the arts front and center, and maintain vital connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Lincoln Center at Home will feature the Lincoln Center Pop-Up Classroom, a daily dose of creativity with artists and educators (weekdays at 10am EST); and #ConcertsForKids, short performances for family audiences direct from artists’ homes. Lincoln Center will also stream videos from the archives of Live From Lincoln Center, more recent performances and live streams from wherever performances are still happening – empty halls, living rooms and more.

“We’re excited to share Lincoln Center at Home, which we hope will help bolster the tremendous work being done by parents and educators right now to help kids keep learning,” said Henry Timms, president and CEO of Lincoln Center. “From the Pop-Up Classroom that our teaching artists and education colleagues will broadcast each day to live, ‘homemade’ performances by some of our family of artists, to our trove of legendary performance footage across Lincoln Center’s many institutions, we hope Lincoln Center at Home will provide families across the country with creative solutions to the difficult moments that we’re all experiencing together.” 

In this Thursday’s pop-up class, Lohse will shift perspectives by exploring the number of steps that can fill a room, the shapes and textures that live alongside us every day, and embodying the beautiful spaces that we call home. 

For a full calendar of events for Lincoln Center at Home, click here.

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