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Daniel Ulbricht and Só Dança unite for new ballet shoe

Daniel Ulbricht. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Daniel Ulbricht. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Daniel Ulbricht is a principal dancer with New York City Ballet, an artistic advisor for Manhattan Youth Ballet, and the co-founding director and producer of Dance Against Cancer. Só Dança is a world-renowned dancewear brand that is continuously innovating desirable products for its market from students to professional dancers. So when those two forces come together, it’s bound for greatness.

Ulbricht has recently partnered with Só Dança in the creation of a new stretch canvas ballet shoe, the Bellamy (SD-122). The shoe features a nylon spandex insert under the arch and a memory foam heel pad and cup, and is “the perfect combination of fit and comfort,” describes Helena Hines, chief of operations at Só Dança USA.

Só Dança's The Bellamy, SD-122 ballet shoe.

Só Dança’s The Bellamy, SD-122 ballet shoe.

Hines says that Ulbricht is an inspiration to the dance community at large and has been a good friend and partner for Só Dança for a few years. “He is a very successful and knowledgeable dancer, and we value his opinion very much,” she adds. “When we were creating the SD-122, who better to work with than someone who is extremely experienced and has been dancing for most of his life? We knew Daniel could provide helpful feedback and that his professional experience would help us create a shoe exquisitely produced for dancers. We are extremely grateful to have someone as talented as Daniel help us create a revolutionary shoe that will help dancers reach their peak, both on and off stage.”

Ulbricht recalls the first time he came into contact with Só Dança. “In 2016, I was lucky to be a part of a group that was working on a photo campaign for their up-and-coming publication. That was the first time I had really heard of them. While on set, I saw the level of care and craftsmanship they bring to their products. After that, I changed over to their shoes for my daily use.”

And now, full circle, he is behind the design of the latest SD-122. “The thing that I admire most about the Só Dança team is that they ‘lean in’,” Ulbricht shares. “They are hungry and want to learn. They want to know the pulse of the dance community and have made efforts into all disciplines. I found it so refreshing to come in with ideas and share my experience in the dance field.”

Daniel Ulbricht. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Daniel Ulbricht. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Ulbricht says he is impressed with the final product – the stretch canvas and its ability to adapt to your foot, the elimination of bumps on the pad of the foot, and the fact that the shoe comes pre-sewn.

The success of the Bellamy shoe and the harmonious partnership between Ulbricht and Só Dança leads us to believe that this won’t be their last collaboration.

“Daniel is a pleasure to work with and brings a cauldron of creativity, artistic talent and professional experience working with people to every event, whether that be a photo shoot or discussing the design of a new shoe,” Hines shares. “We are excited for the journey ahead with Daniel and our line of new products.”

And Ulbricht says he already has some thoughts for future collaborative projects with Só Dança. “Like anything, sometimes, you have to find the next ‘need or problem to solve’ out there. There will always be something to figure out. I think Só Dança has a great network of ambassadors to bring the best for the entire dance community. So if we dream it, Só Dança can make it!”

The Bellamy (SD-122) can be found in stores and online at www.sodanca.com/sd122-3772.html.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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