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Miami City Ballet’s Bianca Bulle: Excited about Elektra

Bianca Bulle.
Bianca Bulle.

Just recently, prestigious dancewear brand Só Dança revealed its much anticipated new pointe shoe, the Elektra, a marriage of hundreds of years of tradition and groundbreaking, revamped technology. The shoe offers a clean, pure look, with no side seams or drawstrings, as well as a U-shaped box for strength and a V-shaped opening for a beautiful line of the foot. A most exciting feature of the shoe is that it is the first customizable shoe with an interchangeable shank system! The shanks can easily be switched out, foot to foot or swapped out depending on the repertory being performed.

Bianca Bulle.

Bianca Bulle.

In short, the Elektra is the next big thing on the pointe shoe market, and it’s no wonder that professional dancers are starting to take notice. Bianca Bulle, former principal dancer with Los Angeles Ballet who will join Miami City Ballet this July, has recently become an Elektra Ambassador and is excited to have other dancers benefit from the shoe like she has.

“I’m so in love with the new Elektra pointe shoe,” Bulle shares. “It’s taken the market to a whole new level with a brand new concept and by really looking after dancers’ feet health-wise and comfort-wise.”

Bulle says she especially loves the Elektra’s customizable shank feature. “You are able to make the same pair of shoes work with you for whichever ballet or variation you’re about to dance – softer shanks for a jumping variation, then switch to something a little harder for a pointe work variation. In addition to that, you can have different shanks per foot. We all have one better or stronger foot than the other, so this is a total game changer!”

Bulle also notes the comfort of the shoe and says that she doesn’t need to use toe pads with the Elektra, allowing her to really feel the floor without suffering through pain.

Só Dança’s Elektra pointe shoe.

The Elektra is just the latest example of Só Dança’s strive to cater to dancers’ needs in the areas of comfort, safety and aesthetic.

“I’m super excited and proud to be an Elektra Ambassador,” Bulle says. “The shoe has totally taken the pointe shoe world to the next level, and the Elektra team is constantly thinking about how they can help dancers in pointe shoes and how to aid their needs, so I’m also really looking forward to what they will develop in the future. It’s only just begun.”

She adds, “I can’t wait to get the shoe on my feet for classes and rehearsals and experience that instant customization during my day in the same pair. I’ll be promoting the shoe in person through my everyday practice at the studios but also on my YouTube channel that I just started. On there, I’ll explain the shoe in detail and show you how it all works and what they look like on my feet and of course all my tips and tricks.”

Bianca Bulle.

Bianca Bulle.

Besides being a big fan of the Elektra pointe shoe, Bulle says some of her other favorite Só Dança products include leotards from the Sara Mearns Collection, leggings and ballet flats.

“The team behind Só Dança is honestly the best,” Bulle says. “I’ve never experienced such a warm and supportive and creative working environment. They are working their hardest to develop products that are beneficial for dancers, whether it be focusing on the products’ support, comfort or aesthetic, they always make quality products that feel good to be in. As dancers, we need to feel good in what we are wearing; otherwise, there is no way you’ll perform your best. I wouldn’t be able to promote something I don’t like, so I’m so glad to be in partnership with Só Dança and share with the dance world their awesome products and all new ones coming soon.”

For more on the Elektra pointe shoe and other Só Dança products, visit www.sodanca.com.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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