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Reed Luplau releases Love is Loud video in time for Valentine’s

love is loud

This week, Aussie born dancer Reed Luplau released a music video to Justin Levine’s Love is Loud. Luplau and Levine, Musical Supervisor for Moulin Rouge, met through the show this past summer.

“Justin Levine is a rare talent in that not only is his voice phenomenal and his musical abilities out of this world,  but he is also a super sweet human being,” Luplau tells Dance Informa. “I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate him than to create a short film around his music. When he played Love is Loud for me, I immediately began envisioning a creation of my own that fused with his melody.”

The video, filmed by Andrew Mayer of The Great Comet, begins with a couple who meet while Luplau is mysteriously picking a Valentine’s card off the ground at a stop light.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but ultimately it touches on how each and everyone one of us constantly tries to fit into a relationship, being shaped into a mold of someone else’s design, all in the epic search of love,” explains Luplau.

Creating the music video in the freezing cold of a busy New York street wasn’t an easy feat, but Luplau is proud of making a bold, or should we say “loud”, move.

“When an opportunity comes your way that requests you step outside of your comfort zone, what do you do?  You could ignore it. Or, you could say yes to the unknown and see where that path will take you,” he says.  “As a performer, I love doing what I do.  I always have, and I always will.  But like most of you I am constantly searching for ways to grow as an artist and feed my artistic appetite. In comparison to most careers, an artist’s is short. As a result we are often perceived of as being of the moment.  Well, this is one of those moments for me. So take a peak at what life is like outside of that comfort zone. May Love always be Loud for you.”

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