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What’s your Christmas Wish? Inspiration and Gift Ideas

Isobel Rose. Photo by Lisbet Photography.
Isobel Rose. Photo by Lisbet Photography.

From the time when you were younger, sitting on Santa’s lap and telling him what you wanted for Christmas, wishing has been a large part of the holiday season. This year, we asked several dancers and Só Dança ambassadors about their Christmas wishes and also their favorite Só Dança products that could make for some great gifts if you’re still checking off your shopping list! It really put us in the holiday spirit!

What are your Christmas dreams and wishes this year?

Jabu Graybeal, tap dancer

Jabu Graybeal. Photo by Bernardo Nogueira.

Jabu Graybeal. Photo by Bernardo Nogueira.

“I would love to travel to France, and dance in the streets of Paris! I would also love to go to Florence, Italy, sometime soon. Also, I wish to start a YouTube channel documenting my experiences as a young dancer and also giving advice to the younger generation of dancers. I’m also of course hoping to get some new Só Dança gear.”

Basia Rhoden, Youth America Grand Prix finalist

“My wish is for everyone to be able to share their holiday with loved ones. And for the dancers out there to have a wonderful Nutcracker season!”

Isobel Rose, pre-professional ballet student at Master Ballet Academy (MBA)

“My Christmas dream just came true! I found out a few days ago that I will have the opportunity to perform Clara in Phoenix Ballet’s The Nutcracker! My family recently moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, so I could train at MBA, and I am so thankful to my teachers and coaches, Slawomir and Irena Wozniak, for believing in me. My wishes for the upcoming year are to remain injury-free and to focus strongly on my ballet technique.”

Madison Penney. Photo by David King.

Madison Penney. Photo by David King.

Madison Penney, Youth America Grand Prix winner

“My Christmas wishes are just for my family and friends’ health and spending lots of time with family and friends.”

Catherine Rowland, pre-professional ballet dancer at International Ballet Academy, North Carolina

Catherine Rowland. Photo by Carson Rowland.

Catherine Rowland. Photo by Carson Rowland.

“My Christmas wish is to be able to participate in numerous performances and to stay strong and healthy.”

What are your favorite Só Dança items for Christmas gifts? 


“My absolute must-have Só Dança favorites for Christmas gifts are the Indoor/Outdoor Warm-Up Bootie and the gorgeous leos from the Sara Mearns Collection.”


“My favorite Só Dança gifts are their ballet flats and pointe shoes, and anything Só Dança. Everything is amazing!”


Basia Rhoden. Photo by Eva Nys Photography.

Basia Rhoden. Photo by Eva Nys Photography.

“The Knotty Top Super Soft Wrap Top — it’s the cutest! The Bra-vo, Girl! Bra Top with Fancy Back is perfect for the new year workouts. The Pointe Shoe Cover is great to keep those pointe shoes looking new, and the Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slipper is a classic for a stocking stuffer.”  


“I love all of their tap shoes! The choices are endless. I love all of their fun dance shirts and bags as well. Those are perfect for bringing your tap shoes, snacks and water bottles to class.”


“Ah, there are just so many to chose from! Some of my favorites have to be the Stretch Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slipper, ballet pink convertible tights (which I wear every class), the Sara Mearns Collection, the Fashion 1 leotards and my newly added favorite, the Claudia Pointe Shoe.”

Have you seen Só Dança’s new website yet? Now you can buy your favorite items right at SoDanca.com, or drop into your local dance retailer. This new Só Dança store locator will help you find a store near you.

Merry Christmas readers!

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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