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Principal Dancer Sharon Wehner to retire after 22 seasons with Colorado Ballet

Sharon Wehner Colorado Ballet - by Allen Birnbach
Sharon Wehner Principal Dancer at Colorado Ballet. Photo by Allen Birnbach

It has just been announced that beloved Colorado Ballet Principal Dancer Sharon Wehner will retire at the end of the 2017/2018 season after 22 seasons with the Company.

“Colorado Ballet was very fortunate the day Sharon joined the Company and to my knowledge, Sharon has danced with Colorado Ballet as a professional Company member longer than any dancer in our history,”said Colorado Ballet Artistic Director Gil Boggs.

“Her tenure here is a testament to her passion as an artist and love of this organization.  Sharon’s dedication to this art form is evident as she gives everything of herself in rehearsal and on the stage.  When Sharon takes on a role, she has a process of learning, discovering and putting everything together which culminates in a performance that few can accomplish.  She is also a role model for the younger dancers because she is such a devoted professional.  I’m honored to have Sharon perform with us for one more season, especially as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet this spring.”

Sharon Wehner of Colorado Ballet in Don Quixote. Photo by Terry Shapiro

Sharon Wehner of Colorado Ballet in ‘Don Quixote’. Photo by Terry Shapiro

According to Wehner, entering her 22nd season is bittersweet. She feels grateful to have spent the last two decades doing what she loves with the 57 year old company, with people that she loves and sharing that on stage with the audience.

“I never take for granted how special it is to perform for a live orchestra, in front of thousands of people in our beautiful Ellie Caukins Opera House,” said Wehner. “I hope to embrace the potential power of this experience each time I have the opportunity to step onto the stage this season, and share something meaningful with our audiences, whether they have been long-time patrons, or seeing the ballet for the very first time. It is always an honor to be able to do this, but becomes more poignantly so, knowing that I will be dancing some of these roles for the very last time.”

Although thinking about dancing roles for the last time can be daunting, Wehner hopes to create something new and fresh for the audience this season, and bring a maturity and artistry that comes with 22 years of experience to each performance.

Wehner is not only also extremely cognizant of the value of the precious time spent on the stage, but also of that which she will be spending in rehearsal.

Sharon Wehner, Colorado Ballet

Sharon Wehner dancing for Colorado Ballet. Photo by David Andrews

“As a long-time member of Colorado Ballet, which I have come to know as my family, I spend 90 percent of my time in the studio honing my craft alongside my fellow dancers and coaches. I hope to be able to embrace my time with these wonderful people, sharing the unique experience of creating dance and art together, each and every day.”

Having spent the off-season rehabilitating a hip injury, Wehner said that it is vital for her to stay on-task this season with conditioning, working on rebuilding strength, flexibility and stamina to remain at the top of her game.”

“Although it is easy to find myself reminiscing about the past or worrying about the future, I have found that as I embark on my 22nd season with Colorado Ballet, I am focused on remaining present, working on my craft and taking each day, each rehearsal, and each ballet one at a time,” shared Wehner.  “I am extremely excited and grateful to be able to perform some of my very favorite ballets this year, and I look forward to being able to share the experience with both my colleagues and the amazingly gracious Denver audiences.”

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