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National Dance Week Foundation gears up for 2017 Celebrations

NDW Celebration 2017

The National Dance Week Foundation (NDWF) is a non-profit whose mission is to “expose and introduce as many people as possible to the enjoyment and benefits of dance.” Since 1981, NDWF has been promoting dance in schools, expanding community awareness and increasing professional development.

Now, in addition to its annual week of celebrations, NDWF offers different activities at various times all year long. These include fun contests (like the current Princess Plié one for studios) and initiatives like A Chance to Dance and Kick for Kindness.

When asked what the organization’s goals are for 2017, NDWF Executive Director Cathy Graziano says, “NDWF is very proud of all our scholarship and contest winners from 2016, so one of our first goals will be to honor and celebrate these, along with other outstanding dance examples. This will take place on our new date for National Dance Week – February 24-March 5, 2017. NDW going forward will always start on the last Friday in February.” 

The schedule for announcing the 2016 scholarship and contest winners is listed below. To enter these contests for 2017, learn more at www.nationaldanceweek.org. As Graziano notes, NDWF offers “something for everyone”.

NDWF encourages dance studios, schools and companies across the country to get involved in a public dance event or outreach activity in honor of National Dance Week on February 24-March 5. If they do not know of one already happening in their area, dancers are cheered on to create their own event. In the past, troupes across the country have hosted free dance classes, surprised public crowds with dance mobs or offered seasonal performance discounts.

Graziano and the entire NDWF team challenge all dancers and dance enthusiasts to get involved this year through either competing in one of the annual contests, submitting materials for scholarships or promoting dance during National Dance Week.

NDW Celebration Announcement Schedule for 2017:

– Friday, February 24: First 2016 Scholarship Winner

– Saturday, February 25: The 2016 Kick for Kindness Winner

– Sunday, February 26: The 2016 Dance Power Winner

– Monday, February 27: The 2016 Essay Contest Winner

– Tuesday, February 28: The 2016 Dance Mob Winner

– Wednesday, March 1: The 2016 Ambassador of the Year Award

– Thursday, March 2: Two 2016 A Chance to Dance Scholarship Winners

– Friday, March 3: The 2016 Poster Contest Winners

– Saturday, March 4: The 2016 Performance/Event Award

By Chelsea Thomas of Dance Informa.

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