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Winners of the 2016 Joffrey Ballet School Summer Scholarship Contest

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In early November, Dance Informa announced its massive Summer Scholarship Contest in partnership with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Worth over a quarter of a million dollars in prizes, the giveaway opened the doors to the Joffrey Ballet School’s prestigious summer programs for 25 lucky dancers between the ages of nine and 22.

Now, after accepting audition videos for months, the final list of 25 winners has been announced! Each winner has received two free weeks of summer tuition – including accommodation and meals!

The following dancers received full scholarships to the Joffrey Ballet School summer program of their choice. See their name, their choice of summer program, and where they’re originally from.

  • Jahaira Myers – NYC Jazz & Contemporary Intensive — North Carolina
  • Lauryn Ewing – Joffrey West LA — Arizona
  • Alexandra Gutman – NYC Ballet Intensive — Texas
  • Jordan Jones – Joffrey West LA — Chicago, IL
  • Helena Ziemer – Joffrey Experience NYC — Ontario, CA
  • Allison Garcia – NYC Ballet – Dominican Republic
  • Keiley West – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Australia
  • Nia Lindsay – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Canada
  • Mariya Popova – NYC Jazz/Contemp – New Jersey
  • Danielle Fattore – NYC Jazz/Contemp – Illinois
  • McKenna Meeks – NYC Musical Theatre – Las Vegas, NV
  • Maria Aparicio – NYC Ballet – Spain
  • Payton McGuire – NYC Jazz/Contemp – Florida
  • Tereza Hloušková – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Czech Republic
  • Chance Rankin – Joffrey South GA — Georgia
  • Alyssa Hakan – Miami Tap – Missouri
  • Dominika Tomczyk – NYC Ballet – Connecticut
  • Hannah Millott – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Australia
  • Jeimy Escotto – NYC Ballet – Dominican Republic
  • Sam Rybka – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Australia
  • Madi Toney – NYC Jazz/Contemp – North Carolina
  • Alyssa Baker – NYC Jazz/Contemp — Maryland
  • Hailey Maynard – Joffrey Miami — Georgia
  • Kerstyn Blanco – Joffrey West LA — Florida
  • Isabella Bruno – NYC Ballet – New York

In addition, the contest also offers a paid, year-long position in the Joffrey Ballet Concert Group! The exclusive opportunity includes paid employment and the chance of a lifetime to tour dancing professionally. The winner will be announced soon.

Photo: Students participate in the Joffrey Ballet School’s Trainee Programs in NYC. Photo by James Culp.

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