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Impressions dance costume by Costume Gallery

When Dance Informa’s Editor, Deborah Searle, visited Costume Gallery in September 2014 to create a one-of-a-kind dance costume for the 2016 collection, she was inspired by Edgar Degas’ iconic ballerina paintings of the 19th century. Predicting that there would be a trend for vintage, historical and whimsical looks in the next few years with Susan Stroman’s creation of Little Dancer at D.C.’s John F. Kennedy Center based on Degas’ famous sculpture, it seems that Searle and Costume Gallery had foresight.

The popularity and creation of art based on Degas’ work has only increased since then, most notably with the recent release of stunning photos of American Ballet Theatre Principal Misty Copeland recreating Degas’ portraits and sculptures for fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. With costumes and poses mirroring Degas’ works of art, Bazaar’s readers have been mesmerized by the beauty of history coming to life upon Copeland, a history-creating ballerina.

And the costumes upon Copeland’s perfectly recreated poses are what bring Degas’ art to vibrant life. Costumes were important to Degas, as Harper’s Bazaar reported that Degas once told a Paris art dealer, “People call me the painter of dancing girls. It has never occurred to them that my chief interest in dancers lies in rendering movement and painting pretty clothes.”

Now, dancers can wear a costume inspired by Degas’ work, with a modern twist. “Impressions”, created by Dance Informa and Costume Gallery, is bringing gorgeous new ballet and contemporary pieces to life while paying homage to the dancers and artists of yesteryear.

Costume Gallery is giving away three “Impressions” costumes to lucky Dance Informa readers to celebrate the resurgence in interest for Degas’ beautiful work. Just tell Dance Informa what inspires you to dance for a chance to win. Click here to enter today.

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