A Minute with Adam Linder

Adam Linder. Photo by Shahryar Nashat.
Adam Linder. Photo by Shahryar Nashat.

By Dolce Fisher.

Sydney-born Adam Linder is a talented dancer and dance-maker. At age 16 he left Australia to dance abroad, working with The Royal Ballet, Nederlands Dans Theater, and with choreographers Michael Clark, Rafael Bonachela and Jeremy Wade. Currently residing in Berlin, Linder has created several dance works that have toured across Europe, winning The Place Prize for Choreography in 2008 for the duet Foie Gras.

This year Adam returned to home soil, choreographing a new work for Sydney Dance Company, Are we that we are, currently showing at Sydney Theatre as part of the company’s New Creations season. Are we that we are is Adam’s first commission from Rafael Bonachela and Sydney Dance Company, and the first time that his talent has been seen in his home city, both as a choreographer and as a performer in the work.

Dance Informa’s Dolce Fisher asked Adam some questions about his experiences and his new work.

Choreographer Adam Linder

Choreographer Adam Linder

How have you found living and working overseas?
Wonderful. Living in Europe for the last 10 years, where performance is so deeply embedded in the heritage and social fabric of the countries I have been in, has exposed me to many very inspiring people and situations.

Can you give us a glimpse into your new work for Sydney Dance Company?
Ritual, trance, sexual union, hallucinogenic transfiguration and electric energies.
Weird and wonderful beings, moving toward togetherness.

What was your inspiration for your choreography?
The piece is about altered states of consciousness. The work has been informed by the readings of (not exclusively) Aldous Huxley, Daniel Pinchbeck, western psychology of altered states and many more images, music and personal experiences. I felt most compelled to make this work, though, observing how our society favours the rational, automated and controllable parts of our psyche.

How does it feel returning home and being invited as a guest choreographer?
I’m pleased to have the challenge of making work in is this milieu. Mum and Dad can come watch my work for once, which is very cool. The dancers are totally rad. Bring it on…

What is next for you?
Premiere of my new solo Early ripen early rot at Springdance in Utrecht Holland in April and a handful of projects with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods around Europe. I will be continuing my collaboration with new media artist Jordana Maisie. I want to make a new film with Will Davidson. I am vaguely thinking about making a new piece in 2011… you know, anything to keep me off the streets…

To find out more about Adam’s new work and Sydney Dance Company’s New Creations, now playing at Sydney Theatre, visit



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