Andre Fuentes Speaks with Dance Informa

By Kristy Johnson.

Andre Fuentes is one of LA’s hottest choreographers. Winning an MTV Award for his choreography for Britney Spears’ “Circus” video, he is enjoying life at the top of his game. Andre will be coming to Sydney this October for Carnival 3. Having choreographed for Britney Spears, Prince and the movie “Bird Cage”, Andre has a wealth of experience to share. Dance Informa’s Kristy Johnson caught up with him….

How would you describe your choreographic style?
Straight from the heart, a lot of emotion, and storytelling!

 Will your choreography for Carnival require dancers to possess a high level of technical ability?
I enjoy working with dancers that possess technical ability, but I also love a raw talent with individuality.

AndreWhat type of dancers do you look for?
I look for dancers that can add character to the movement and not just give me steps.  

How important do you consider characterization to be?
Individuals that make the music tell a story and come alive on stage are the most important! 

Australian dancers are some of the most favored in the world. What do you think draws choreographers to them?
I think Australian dancers have a great foundation of technique and an amazing hunger to learn. 
Any choreographer would love to work with such talent!

For those who have never experienced the American version of Carnival, how would you describe this event?
Carnival is a monthly dance event where the top choreographers in the industry get to showcase their work. All the top dancers are featured in front of their peers to be seen by the top agencies, directors and other important people in the business.

With Carnival showcasing LA based and Australian choreographers, do you think it is important to bridge the gap between American and Australian dance culture? I believe this is extremely important because the dance industry can grow as we connect past our cultural boundaries and develop a stronger communication to unite our vast growing dance world.

Carnival is a great opportunity for scouting new talent. What else can dancers do to make themselves known to choreographers in the business?
I believe a dancer has to know how to network! When scouts are looking for talent they don’t just see a resumé, they also want to see personality. So introduce yourself! Say “Hello”, it never hurts!

Besides your involvement with Carnival, what other plans do you have whilst in Sydney?
While in Sydney I plan on teaching with the Sourcedance workshops and competitions and just enjoying what the city has to offer. I love Sydney!

Having already accomplished so much in the industry, what other goals do you have?
I would love to get into directing film and television and just keep on sharing my passion and love of dance.

For information about Carnival 3 check out the Feature Article, under “This Edition” above.



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