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Studio owners talk traveling with 42nd Street Tours

Photo courtesy of 42nd Street Tours.
Photo courtesy of 42nd Street Tours.

Dance studio trips can offer truly once-in-a-lifetime occurrences. They have a unique kind of magic, one that all involved aren’t easily going to find elsewhere. Such trips can also bring a level of complexity and detail that, without proper organization and planning, can cause a unique kind of stress and panic

Working with a company that specializes in planning these sorts of trips can make them more of the magic and less of the stress. It’s something that one has to go through in order to truly understand. So, let’s hear from two studio owners who’ve done studio trips through 42nd Street Tours, which specializes in these sorts of excursions

Maia Wirth is the artistic director of Open Arts in Morrisville, NC. The studio traveled to Hawaii with the company, for the first time, in June 2023. Jami-Marie Owen is owner/director of Magnolia Dance Company in Foley, AL. In November 2023, the studio also used the company’s services for the first time.

Trip planning: Choosing and booking with 42nd Street Tours 

A studio trip is a big investment – in time, money, excited expectations and more – so the choice of a tour company is an important one. Wirth and her studio chose 42nd Street Tours in order to dance in the tropical beauty of Hawaii. “They had the Hawaii opportunities we were looking for,” she notes. 

Owen learned about the company through an organization that she’s part of. She knew right away that the company was a great fit. “I was able to create and personalize a package that was perfect for my studio,” she explains. 

Wirth found the booking process convenient and organized for everyone involved. 42nd Street Tours’s website made it easy for families to “book, make payments and communicate directly with [the company] about their trip.” Accommodations such as adjoining rooms, additional guests and trip extras were simple, she says. 

Company representatives were also responsive and accessible. “It is so nice to have transparency when I’m working with another agency, so that we have streamlined communications and experiences for our families. Our parents felt well-informed throughout the entire process,” Wirth adds. Owen also found it straightforward to add guests to her trip. “My family and I were able to make a vacation out of it, which was so nice!”

Making the trip count

When it came time for the trip to actually happen, all of that organization and transparency paid off for both Wirth’s and Owen’s studio groups. Hawaii is Hawaii, of course – but being able to “tailor the trip to have exactly the experiences we wanted” made the experience all the better, Wirth explains. The studio wanted a performance opportunity rather than a workshop. 42nd Street Tours representatives could make that happen, no problem. 

Daily agendas were also structured to “maximize…vacation time,” Wirth says. “The itinerary was well-thought out for all of the key wants and dreams that I had communicated [with the company].” Owen loved the tour guides that 42nd Street Tours provided, finding them knowledgeable and helpful.

Words of wisdom for studio owners looking to book studio trips

Hindsight is 20/20, they say. Having been through the experience, Wirth and Owen have helpful tips for studio owners looking to book a studio trip. Wirth stresses the importance of clear and extensive communication with participating families. “Presenting the full details of what to expect prior to booking really helps make your trip a success.” 

Booking with an experienced vendor like 42nd Street Tours can grant confidence that what you’re communicating is reliable and trustworthy, she believes; “they will provide the services and experiences they promise, in a manner that exceeds your expectations.” 

Owen recommends really seeking what you want. With something like a studio group trip, that can truly make a difference. A company like 42nd Street Tours can “take all of the hard things off your plate,” she says – so that you can focus on your students, their growth, and the wonder of the experience itself

In that kind of opportunity, perhaps studio owners could even catch a break from all of the responsibilities and pressures of their leadership position – what a concept! “Dance trips should be fun for the studio owner and not stressful. 42nd Street Tours makes sure that you are able to relax on your trip instead of being in your normal role as the director of everything,” Owen affirms. 

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By Kathryn Boland of Dance Informa.

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