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Redondo Ballet Company premieres original production on Ovation TV

Redondo Ballet Company.
Redondo Ballet Company.

Redondo Ballet Company (RBC), known for delivering breathtaking professional dance productions in the South Bay of Los Angeles, will be bringing its legendary piece Through the Pages to Ovation TV, America’s only arts network, expanding the impact and beauty of dance to a broader audience. The 90-minute ballet production was filmed and produced by 3 Alliance Media and will premiere on April 12.

“We want to bring high-concept, high-level productions to the South Bay that encompass fabulous dancing, wonderful costumes, creative sets and beautiful music,” shares choreographers Francesca Stern and Donna Perkins. “We are honored and humbled that Ovation TV wanted to partner with Redondo Ballet to air our original productions and that we could become a part of the Stand For the Arts Coalition. Through the Pages encompasses stories, and an experience that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike on Ovation TV.”

RBC was chosen to partner with Ovation TV due to the company’s bold choices in innovation and creativity. Part of that innovation is bringing acting and dialogue to a ballet production. In Through The Pages, Grandma’s world is brought to life with humorous and dramatic flair by writer Randolph Stern.

Through the Pages features professional principal dancers with an ensemble cast of over 70 members made up of men and women ranging from the ages six to 30. Through dance, audiences witness the magic of storytelling, seeing favorite fairy tales brought to life on stage. In this fairy tale of fairy tales, viewers meet Scheherazade and her Arabian Tales, Pied Piper, The Frog Prince, Warrior Princess, The Three Pigs and more. Through the Pages is an original ballet written for the enjoyment of all.

Redondo Ballet was founded in 2014 by Francesca Stern. She was soon joined by Donna Perkins. They are the co-artistic directors as well as the co-choreographers of Redondo Ballet. They have built the company from 10 members to a company of 70-plus members. The company has quickly become known for adding innovative and unique components to foster a narrative and take bold steps in telling a story. The audience will be delighted to enjoy the classical dance of a traditional ballet, yet Redondo Ballet enhances the beauty by including other genres of dance, making the viewing experience opulent, deliberate, and intensely entertaining. Perkins directs the large-scale production which is a challenge with the many moving parts of the ballet. She is also the Co-CEO and VP of Production for 3 Alliance Media.

Through the Pages is the follow-up premiere to RBC’s Ovation TV debut of Snow Queen last December. RBC recently joined Ovation TV’s Stand For The Arts coalition, becoming its 150th member. Stand For The Arts is Ovation TV’s national advocacy platform to raise awareness, protect access and encourage action on behalf of the arts. Its mission is to ensure the arts remain a vital part of society and to reinforce the inherent value that the arts, and the creative economy, provide on a national level.

For more information on RBC and Through the Pages, visit redondoballet.org.

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