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Dance Knows No Boundaries: Lessons for children on dancing no matter what

Dance Knows No Boundaries' 'Marley Takes The Stage'.
Dance Knows No Boundaries' 'Marley Takes The Stage'.

Marley Takes The Stage, written by dance photographer Heather Booysen, is a sweet story of dance, performing and friendship brought to readers by Dance Knows No Boundaries and Movement in Motion Photography. 

As Marley gets ready for her first dance performance, she is excited and ready to shine on stage. However, when Marley steps inside the theater for the first time, she starts to get a little nervous. She joins her dance friends as they learn about everything that goes on backstage, and with one another take turns dancing on stage during dress rehearsal. By the time it’s Marley’s turn to rehearse with her class, she is no longer nervous and is back to being excited for her big performance. 

Marley and her friends also visually showcase what dancers in the real world look like. Each and every dancer varies from the next and has a visual representation of inclusion and diversity in dance style, body type, age, ethnicity, gender and ability. 

Included after the story are images of real-life dancers with the same varied representations, celebrating and honoring the beautiful and amazing dancers of the world. Marley Takes The Stage is self-published by Booysen. As a part of this special book, a blog is available about each of the featured dancers. 

Booysen is a dance teacher and photographer living in Williamsburg, VA. She grew up in the Chicagoland area and spent most of her time in the dance studio. Booysen received her BFA in Dance from SUNY Buffalo and went on to have a professional dance career. She has been teaching dance since 2000, and has been pursuing photography since 2010. As a dance teacher, she is inspired by her students daily. Booysen’s award-winning dance photography captures dancers with a vast variety of dance styles, ages, body types, genders and abilities. She believes that dance is for everyone. 

For more information, visit danceknowsnoboundaries.com

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