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Dotmoovs introduces digital mobile dance competition 

dotmoovs app.
dotmoovs app.

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life! And challenge others in your favorite dance routines! 

Dotmoovs has launched its second sport: revolutionary dance platform. It’s the project’s second sport to be launched, and it comes at the perfect time. Move-to-Earn is crypto’s niftiest tag! 

The idea is rather simple: you grab your phone, open the app, and choose a sport to play. From there, the platform will find you a suitable opponent (another dancer) somewhere in the world for you to compete against, and just by using your smartphone’s camera, it will score your performance, allowing you to know who won the competition. It is the first digital mobile dance competition in the world. 

dotmoovs app.
dotmoovs app.

Now, dotmoovs created this concept, developed the technology, and gave it a twist: what if you would win cryptocurrencies just by dancing? In fact, dotmoovs launched its own token ($MOOV) early last year. 

How does it work? Every dancer needs a teacher, so you choose your favorite dance routine, pick an opponent, watch your instructor to learn the moves (“moovs”) and mimic them. To win, your score just needs to be higher than the one from your opponent. 

Dance battles were already a thing on TikTok, but they lacked the ability to properly evaluate the performances, to analyze every movement, to calculate each step and, more importantly, to reward the dancers. Now, with the dotmoovs app, dance battles can have a clear winner. 

Dotmoovs rose to fame after launching Freestyle Soccer on its app in 2021, and presenting challenges with professional footballers like Luis Figo (former Best Player of the World), Ricardo Quaresma (European Champion) or even the late legend Diego Maradona. 

The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit www.dotmoovs.com

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