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Viral dance star Kida The Great’s latest endeavor: Squads web3 creator platform 

Kida the Great.
Kida the Great.

Kida The Great, one of the internet’s favorite viral dance stars and winner of So You Think You Can Dance: Next Generation, has announced his latest endeavor as a founding creator of Squads, a web3 creator platform that aims to change the way that fans interact with their favorite content creators. 

Kida is joined by his older brother and long-time collaborator Shaheem, along with several top Gen Z creators like Jack Wright, Courtreezy, Owen Holt, Faith Ordway and more, in creating unique experiences only accessible to members of their Squads. 

Kida the Great.
Kida the Great.

Joining a Squad is similar to joining a fan club — buying a single Squad coin grants users access to a creator’s squad, while purchasing additional coins qualifies them for more exclusive opportunities. One coin may allow fans to see behind-the-scenes content, but owning 15 coins could make them eligible for a 1-of-1 experience designed by their favorite creator. 

Kida and Shaheem – his brother’s first dance instructor – are hoping to bring their art to new audiences and establish a space for learning ASL and connecting with the deaf community. Shaheem, who was born hearing and experienced hearing loss after falling ill as a child, is a fierce advocate for the deaf community and uses his platform to educate his followers on deaf culture. Both Shaheem and Kida look forward to sharing exclusive dance content and more on Squads. 

To get the Squads app, click here. You can follow Kida The Great on Instagram: @kidathegreat

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