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Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.

Who wouldn’t want to double enrollment, expand your studio, obtain new teaching tools and strategies to keep your students engaged and challenged, and become the best dance teacher that you can be?! Dance Teacher Web (DTW) is an online dance resource that offers access to over 1,000 videos, hundreds of lesson plans, teaching tips and business building strategies so that you, as a studio owner or dance teacher, can stay current, refreshed and full of creativity all year long. 

Studio owners can sign up for a free account to get instant access to marketing tools and retention tips, as well as insights and advice from other successful dance studio owners. There is also exclusive VIP special phone consultation available for studio owners looking for a more hands-on approach to problem-solving for their studio’s specific needs. All members can enjoy the benefit of searching through DTW’s extensive library of articles and videos written and recorded by an ever-expanding faculty of master teachers and business elites. 

Angela D'Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web.
Angela D’Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico of Dance Teacher Web.

And perhaps one of the very best things about DTW? The annual DTW Conference and Expo, happening this year from August 4-7, at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas! The live event features over 140 masterclasses of all levels and business-building seminars; a teacher certification training program with University of Nevada, Las Vegas; a world-class expo hall with over 80 exhibitors, special events, parties and exclusive giveaways; the chance to network with dance celebrities; a pre-conference business seminar; and the opportunity to discover new marketing trends and studio retention ideas. Participants will also gain three-month access to the event app to watch all videos and review notes. 

Want to get a taste of what you can learn at DTW Live? Check out these two videos and incredibly useful tips for dance teachers and studio owners! 

Dealing with dance moms

In this seminar, DTW Co-Founder Angela D’Valda Sirico discusses how studio owners can put up with difficult “dance moms”. As a studio owner, you have to deal with dance moms because they pay the bills, so you need to keep them happy. But Angela shares the best ways to cope with demanding parents, including keeping them as uninvolved as possible and teaching them boundaries. She says that you, as the studio owner, are the captain of the ship, and you make the rules. She also gives tips on how to train your faculty and staff – make sure they understand what you’re expecting of them, give them the tools they need to be successful, prepare them for how to deal with parents, and even set up a reward system for them. 

With over 30 years of experience as a dance teacher, choreographer and producer, Angela is full of wonderful insight like this, and DTW is where you can find valuable resources, advice and inspiration for bettering yourself as a dance educator or studio owner. 

Advanced extended leg pirouette sequence

If you find yourself using the same combinations in your class or choreography, DTW offers teaching tools and sample exercises to keep you inspired year after year. In this video session, DTW Co-Founder Steve Sirico goes step-by-step through an advanced extended leg pirouette sequence. The sequence is just a base; you can use part of the exercise or all of it, and insert it as you need to for your combinations and routines. A demonstrator, Jenna, performs the sequence, and Steve then breaks it down and offers tips he would share with his students – muscles to focus on, where to put energy, transitions between movements and arm positions. 

An experienced teacher and choreographer for over three decades, Steve comes to all DTW Live events full of knowledge and sample exercises like this to pass on to other dance educators. He and DTW offer extra inspiration and spark that you can, in turn, bring to your classes. 

These are just but a sneak peek into what you can learn at DTW Conference and Expo this summer.

Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.
Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.

Top 3 reasons to attend Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo, August 4-7:

#1. You want to discover new teaching methods, exciting choreography ideas and different class content for beginner through advanced. You want a creative boost that will last you all year long with material that is fresh and fun for students of all levels including unique pre-school work.

#2. You want to learn new advances in injury prevention and the best way to help your dancers recover quicker from nagging injuries that are more prevalent today. Learn anatomy 101 so that you can teach your students how to safely improve flexibility, enhance body mechanics, conditioning and recovery.

Ballet partnering at Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.
Ballet partnering at Dance Teacher Web Conference and Expo.

#3. You are interested in getting expert business advice on critical issues like building enrollment after this pandemic, increasing and accelerating revenue, new cost-effective marketing trends and how to improve communication with your employees, students and parents. You are ready for your business to achieve a new level of success.

Be sure to make the most of this incredibly valuable opportunity for dance teachers and studio owners!

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To learn more about Dance Teacher Web and to become a member, head to

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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