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Be authentic, be bold: Só Dança’s Be You® and This Is Me Collection 

Só Dança's This Is Me Collection. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Só Dança's This Is Me Collection. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

All dancers are amazing. That’s a fact. Every single dancer works hard, has discipline, is an artist in their own way and has a story to tell. And while all dancers have these things in common, the beauty is that each dancer is different. A different mind, a different body – uniquely their own. And thank goodness for that! How boring would it be to live in a world of cookie cutter people everywhere you look?!

Só Dança’s newest collection for 2022, the Be You® Collection embraces this. The collection celebrates dancers’ goals of working hard and playing hard, and of their individual qualities, through styles that allow for self-expression, comfort and durability, all while doing what dancers love most: movement. 

Só Dança's This Is Me Collection. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Só Dança’s This Is Me Collection. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

The line features leotards and tops in pastels, jewel tones and shimmery black. There is comfort – new laces are paired with mesh spandex and microfiber that all have equal stretch. There is innovation – the palette of the collection features pastels like Petal Pink, jewel tones like Turkish Blue and classic shimmery black, and the products are brought to life with texture and beauty. 

The faces behind the new Be You® Collection are gorgeous dancers of San Francisco Ballet – Sasha de Sola, Aaron Robison, Natasha Sheehan and more. And what could make this all even more beautiful? The backdrop – the salt flats of Utah, spanning for miles of gorgeous light and pristine colors matching the tones of the collection. 

We are in love with the unique but classically stunning Emmaline leotard, with three-quarter sleeves and lace accents. And many of the collection’s leotard styles – Sybille/Sybil and Clementine/Clem, for example – are offered in adult and child versions and sizes. And the long-sleeved Rosamonde is the equivalent of an evening gown leotard – just breathtaking! 

The new Be You® Collection offers looks for all style preferences – crop tops like the Fae Top, funky leggings such as the Jewel Leggings and comfy street-to-studio Harem Pants. 

Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

And if dancers are looking for something a little softer, the collection offers a range of beautiful floral prints, paired with the Petal Pink and Turkish Blue colors to show off dancers’ lines and softer sides. Styles like the Floria and Jardin leotards resemble cuts usually found in tutu bodice designs, and flatter most body shapes and allow dancers to move freely. And for absolutely fun and stylish warm-ups, there are the floral print Kaia Vest and Dream Pants.

And if you still weren’t sure if the Be You® Collection had something for everyone, be sure to check out the color blocking styles that are bold, flattering and sporty in the most elegant way. Color combos include Black with Mint Green, Navy with Sweet Pear, and Bordeaux with Petal Pink. Leotards like the Giulia and Francesca would make great audition looks!

The collection doesn’t stop at microfiber leotards and a huge range of mesh spandex skirts; there are also fun knitwear and tees that offer fashionable styles for heading to the studio or warming up. The knitwear is so comfy and great for all body types (and are just a tad retro, which we love!), and the signature stripes can be paired with a cozy matching scarf for those chilly theater days.

Let’s not forget that male dancers may want to be styled, too. Luckily, the Be You® Collection offers fashion pieces specifically for male dancers, with stormy prints and bold solids that allow men to express their individuality, like Vivacious Top and Delta Pants. 

Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Let’s also remember that dance has no age, shape, race or gender limitations. And that means dancewear shouldn’t either. Part of Só Dança’s new collection is This Is Me, a series of styles that have been specially curated to work with a body with curves. The dancewear also fits well on those with fewer curves, or curves in different places. The intention behind This Is Me is to normalize dancewear for the curvier dancer, as well as the mature recreational dancer. Everyone should be able to look and feel fabulous in dancewear, after all. 

This Is Me features the same beautiful colors and elegant mesh and lace, and has cuts and seams that flatter the body in all the right ways. We love the Sophia leotard with scalloped edge lace and the Yvette leotard with a wrap dress feel. There are also beautiful flowing skirts in different lengths – Celcilia (shorter) and Camille (longer). And for the more modern dance looks, the Kylie and Sayer jumpsuits are comfy and perfect for that street-to-studio look. 

With this year’s latest collection, Só Dança is really encouraging us all to accept our individually beautiful selves – curves or no curves, race and gender aside. To find the dancer inside of us, be comfortable with who we are, and just be. A dance body is any body. What a beautiful world it truly can be, if we recognize and embrace that. 

Be sure to head to your local retailer for items from the new Be You® and This Is Me Collection.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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