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Winners of 25th International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart come from all over the globe

Eva Urbanová. Photo by Petr Kiška.
Eva Urbanová. Photo by Petr Kiška.

The International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart celebrated its 25th anniversary and, due to the COVID pandemic, did not bring its anniversary event live on stage, but instead online on the screen. Many former competitors such as Samuel Wuersten, Virpi Pahkinen and Erich Payer were also present online as congratulators. The decision was made in the event’s grand finale: eight participants from six countries had reached the final, and the jury members announced the names of the winners, coming from the U.S., Brazil, South Africa, Spain, France and Slovakia. 

The prizes for the categories of dance and choreography are worth between EUR 1.500 and EUR 3.500. They have been sponsored by the City of Stuttgart, the Ministry for Science, Research and Art, Baden-Württemberg, and the foundation Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. The Nordharzer Städtebundtheater and the Dance Theater Heidelberg each awarded an Assistance Prize — the Nordharzer Städtebundtheater to Arnau Pérez de la Fuente for “Single” and the Dance Theater Heidelberg to Jeremy Alberge for his solo “+10”. 

The audience also voted online for the two audience prizes, each endowed with EUR 500. The Public’s First Choice Awards went to Nnamdi Christopher Nwagwu for “CRUDA” and to Eva Urbanová for “The Essence”. 

The winners are: 

1st Prize Choreography: 

Arnau Pérez de la Fuente (Spain) with “Single”

Jury statement: “Arnau Pérez de la Fuente created a refined choreography in ‘Single’ with a clever use of music, props, lights and costume, and thus promotes a dynamic dramaturgical and theatrical development. The result unanimously touched the jury members.” 

2nd Prize Choreography: 

Eva Urbanová (Slovakia) with “The Essence”

Jury statement: “Eva Urbanová with ‘The Essence’ showed an achieved movement vocabulary poetically combining text and time. Her committed choreography draws us in her personal world. The jury members are happy to recognize Eva Urbanvá ́s creative mind.”

3rd Prize Choreography: 

Breeanne Saxton (USA) with “Legaxy xx”

Jury statement: “Breeanne Saxton presented in her choreography an ambiguous and intriguing proposal touching themes of gender and perceptions of beauty. Through refined theatricality and imagery, her piece managed to intertwine fantasy with truth, which was both powerful and sensitive.”

1st Prize Dance: 

Clémence Juglet (France) with “I need to …”

Jury statement: „Clémence Juglet ́s performance was executed with high precision and cleverness. Clémence intelligently played with changes of dynamics with a relaxed sense of humor and a sharp musicality. Her strong physicality and confident presence elevated the original vocabulary of the choreography.“ 

2nd Prize Dance: 

Geovan Conceição (Brazil) with “FISSURAR”

Jury statement: “Geovan Conceição ́s personal and visceral performance undoubtably moved the jury members. The artist, with his expressive physicality and emotional openness, delivered a touching performance beyond technique.”

3rd Prize Dance: 

Tushrik Fredericks (South Africa) with “(territory) of the heart”

Jury statement: “Tushrik Fredericks ́s ritualistic performance showed a profound use of his inner energy and a high concentration. The ability of the artist to channel both meditative and explosive mechanical movement qualities impressed the jury.”

For more information on the International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart, visit www.solo-tanz-theater.de

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