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From starving artist to success: Erin Burd’s ‘The Passion and Profit Project’

Erin Burd.
Erin Burd.

Erin Burd of Erin Burd Coaching has announced the publishing of her book, The Passion and Profit Project: You CAN Have it AllThe Passion and Profit Project is for any studio owner or dance educator who is ready to kick the starving artist mentality to the curb and create the dream life they so desire. The book offers a hands-on approach to identifying your bigger why, how to align that passion and create a profitable business that honors the value you bring to the community. 

Erin Burd.
Erin Burd.

“Every day when speaking to studio owners, I hear statements such as, ‘Well, this is my passion; I would do it for free because I just love it so much,’ or ‘I don’t want people to think that I am greedy and getting rich off the art form,’” Erin Burd, a studio strategist. “It is time to stop this narrative that we have in our industry that you can only have passion or profit. Why can’t we have both?”

The Passion and Profit Project includes topics such as: finding your bigger why and defining your version of success, training your brain and taking the leap of faith, leading in gratitude and making a bigger impact, making decisions based on truths and not feelings, and changing our story with money. 

Erin Burd's 'The Passion and Profit Project' book.

The Passion and Profit Project: You CAN Have it All! is now available in paperback and Kindle Editions. 

For more information on The Passion and Profit Project: You CAN Have it All!, visit

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