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Studio Expansion Masterclass offers free monthly trainings

Studio Expansion Masterclass

Do you want monthly high level strategies for your studio? Have you longed to work with the industry leading organization Studio Expansion and receive the exact trainings which have propelled thousands of studio owners into the next stage of leadership and freedom in their business?

You can join Studio Expansion Masterclass now and access its monthly trainings all for free.

Studio Expansion has been running Masterclass since 2015, and with everything that has been happening in the world climate, the organization has decided to bring Masterclass to studio owners every single month online for free. 

The monthly Studio Expansion Masterclass schedule includes:

#1. Join Studio Expansion CEO and Founder Chantelle Bruinsma and Team Expansion for their popular “Hour of Power”. Bruinsma and Team Expansion will be answering all of your curly questions live in regards to everything studio business.

#2. Access the latest blog series, “Behind the Studio Door”, and find out how studio owners have completely transformed their studio in the last 12 months.

#3. Join Studio Expansion for its premier training events of the year such as the Studio Enrol-A-Thon, The Studio Planathon, The Evolve & Examine Retreat, and much more. These trainings can leave you super motivated and cause an influx of new students.

#4. Download free Attraction, Retention, Systems and Team training resources which you can plug and play into your studio today!

To join Studio Expansion Masterclass, simply click here.

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