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Top picks for dance summer fashion

Lauren Dattis. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.
Lauren Dattis. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Summer is just around the corner, and you may already have plans for an exciting summer program, workshop or convention. And you’ll surely want to make a lasting first impression and treat yourself to some new dancewear for the summer. Here, for some inspiration, we speak with several dancers and Só Dança ambassadors about their fashion faves for the season.

What are your top fashion picks for the summer from Só Dança?

Lauren Dattis, tap dancer, aspiring Broadway performer

“Summer is always such an exciting time in my life because it allows me more time to perfect my dance and performance skills through a variety of tap and musical theater intensives within New England and New York City. To assist in my confidence, comfort and success, I will be wearing my Só Dança black Shimmer Lace Leotard, which is both flattering and comfortable. I am also in love with Só Dança’s Long Sleeve and Lace Tops, which can be worn both in and out of the studio. Só Dança leggings are a ‘must’ in my training, and Só Dança Jazz Pants are always necessary for scheduled performances. The flexibility of Só Dança’s T-strap Character Shoe allows me to kick high with pointed toes, and my all new Premium Pro Tap Shoes are super soft, guaranteeing accurate and precise sounds, which is crucial as I watch, learn and become the best tap dancer and performer I can be.”

Jabu Graybeal, tap dancer

Lauren Dattis. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

Lauren Dattis. Photo courtesy of Só Dança.

“My top pick for getting your summer Só Dança swag on are the Premium Leather Pro Tap Boots. With this tap boot, you will be able to dance better, move better and, most importantly, look cool. Its design is unique and unlike any other tap shoe or tap boot you’ll find on the market.”

Emma Sias, Youth America Grand Prix finalist

“I love the new velvet leos. They are so gorgeous! Also the new Sara Mearns leotards with the patterned mesh are so cool. I love the geometric pattern on the mesh, and the fit is perfect!”

Jalen Saint Phifer

“I love the Premium Leather Pro Tap shoes and the Premium Leather Pro Tap Boots!”

Emma Sias.

Emma Sias.

Why do you love Só Dança, and what great things do you think the brand has to offer for this summer’s fashion? 


“Só Dança leotards have the best cut. They have elegant details and great quality fabric. The leg lines are flattering, and they fit me perfectly! I also love their tights, which are the best tights!”


“I love Só Dança because of the team behind the company! They want the very best quality for all dancers of all shapes and sizes, and their hard work shows! I think Só Dança has a very good taste in style for all of their products, and plus, their products are customizable down to every inch of their shoes!”

Jalen Saint Phifer. Photo by Shotti Photography.

Jalen Saint Phifer. Photo by Shotti Photography.


“I love Só Dança because the quality and tone of their shoes has allowed me to explore and take my dancing to new levels. I hope the brand continues to come out with new designs for the Premium Pro Tap Shoes.”


“For the past 15 years, I have worn Só Dança head to toe. It is not only durable and reliable, but it has also allowed me to be unique. I appreciate Só Dança’s versatility. When necessary, I can acquire a classic look for a scheduled audition. I can also choose from a variety of colors and styles when I want the dance and performance world to see me as an individual. I utilize my Só Dança aqua custom tap shoes when I choreograph. They ignite my creativity. Overall, Só Dança’s dancewear and footwear has allowed me to be successful in both the competition and dance training world. Its quality and style has something to offer all performers.”

For these Só Dança products and more, visit www.sodanca.com.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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