Color your audition experience: WIN a rainbow of dancewear!

Eurotard. Photo by Richard Calmes Photography.
Eurotard’s Pinch Front Camisole Leotard. Photo by Richard Calmes.

Auditions can be daunting, but they can also be exhilarating; a room full of dancers who are trying to get the same spot you are, but also a way to meet people of the same age who have similar interests.

There’s plenty of advice out there for dancers who are about to, or are in the process of, auditioning. But the piece of advice we want to focus on? Dancing in color!

Win a rainbow of dancewear from Eurotard this Spring! To win all the colorful pieces mentioned below just email and tell us how dance adds color to your life. Entries open April 26 and close May 15. Enter now.

Some auditions require you to come in the same outfit as everyone else: pink tights, clean ballet shoes/pointe shoes and a black leotard. But every now and then, you get to express your individuality and style in your audition ensemble, and this is your chance to stand out.

When going to an audition, it’s important to remember a few things.

#1. Make sure your outfit is clean and flawless.

Avoid holes, tears or mysterious stains! If you sweat in the audition and it shows on your outfit, do not worry! It shows how hard you’re working.

#2. Pick a style that you’re most comfortable in.

Long sleeves, cap sleeves, tank – it’s up to you. As long as you feel confident and covered, you’re sure to perform your best.

Eurotard. Photo by Monique Lee for Eurotard.

Eurotard’s Striped Mesh Tank Leotard. Photo by Monique Lee.

#3. Pick a color that stands out and flatters you.

There’s a gorgeous rainbow of shades to choose from, so pick your favorite! Reds, purples, blues, greens, pinks – pick a color you think compliments your skin tone, hair color or eyes.

If you want to convey a certain statement with the color of your leotard or dancewear, here is a quick guide to what different colors represent:

Red creates a sense of urgency, and catches a person’s eye more than any other color. It symbolizes strength, energy, power, determination, passion and love. Eurotard’s Striped Mesh Tank Leotard in scarlet is a stand-out, eye-catching leo.

Yellow is associated with joy, cheerfulness, intellect and energy. Bright yellow is an attention getter, but be careful because sometimes too much yellow can be unsettling. Add Eurotard’s Pull-On Mini Ballet Skirt in Buttercup for a pop of yellow.


Eurotard’s Pull-On Mini Ballet Skirt

Green is the color of nature, strongly associated with safety, growth, harmony, intelligence and confidence. Green can often have a calming effect. Add Eurotard’s Pull-On Mini Ballet Skirt in Hunter for a green touch.

Blue is a unique and authentic color. Blue symbolizes enthusiasm, sympathy and compassion. It also represents peace and imagination. Eurotard’s Pinch Front Camisole Leotard in Royal is a classic style in a gorgeous color.

Pink represents tenderness, vulnerability and youth. It is a calming color linked to hope and optimism. Show off your best lines in a fresh pair of EuroSkins Non-Run Convertible Tights in Theatrical Pink.

Eurotard. Photo by Colette Mruk for Eurotard.

Eurotard’s Performance Tactel® Leggings. Photo by Colette Mruk.

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. It is associated with royalty, power, ambition, wisdom, dignity and creativity. Eurotard’s Performance Tactel® Leggings in Eggplant will help you stand out among a crowd.

Eurotard. Photo by Stacy Grimm for Eurotard.

Eurotard’s Multi-Way Camisole Leotard. Photo by Stacy Grimm.

White is associated with light, goodness, purity and perfection. There’s almost always a positive connection, and it can represent a positive beginning. Eurotard’s Multi-Way Camisole Leotard is a vibrant white to help draw the judges’ attention.

When planning your next audition outfit, keep these color tips in mind. But most importantly, wear an outfit that will give you the confidence to show off how amazing and talented you are!

Win a rainbow of dancewear from Eurotard this Spring! To win all the colorful pieces mentioned below just email and tell us how dance adds color to your life. Entries open April 26 and close May 15. Enter now.

Thank you to for further knowledge on color psychology!

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