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Exciting and Daring: Sara Mearns reveals news designs at BDC

Sara Mearns in George Balanchine’s 'Apollo'. Photo courtesy of NYCB, Paul Kolnick.

It’s a new year, and that means a time to try new things, wear new dancewear, learn something to improve your technique and maybe go outside your comfort zone for a try. And you can do all of those things at the very exciting Sara Mearns Master Class and Só Dança Collection Reveal this Monday, January 14, at Broadway Dance Center (BDC)! 

At this exclusive event, to be held 6-7:30pm, New York City Ballet Principal Sara Mearns will lead a 90-minute ballet master class, followed by a sneak peek of her 2019 collection for Só Dança and a Q&A. Select items from the dancewear collection will be on sale during the evening’s Collection Reveal and in the Shop at BDC. Mearns previously held a similar event this past summer, and this time she says her designs are even more exciting and daring! We can’t wait to see! 

“We have kicked it up 100 notches for my new 2019 collection!” Mearns shares. “There are necklines I have never worn before in my career, lace that has specks of gold in it, colors that I’ve always wanted to wear but never found anywhere! I always go back to classic lines when it comes to leotards I choose to wear, so we have created the new classic, the modern classic. It’s all about showing off how beautiful the human body is and not distracting from it. We have a new shiny material in multiple colors that I’m so excited about and will wear every day!”

The collection’s products are not only designed to look and feel great on the outside, but Mearns says she hopes that can translate to the inside as well, and that dancers can exude confidence – and feel confident – when they put on the new Só Dança leotards, leggings and tops. 

Sara Mearns.“Every day, I’m in a different emotional state, and what I pick to wear reflects that, so I hope this collection includes any thing you want for any mood!” she says. “Sometimes, you don’t want to be showing off but you want to feel good, so we have some light grays and black with amazing curves and necklines that will make you feel your best.”

Mearns says some items to look out for – her personal favorites – are the leotards with gold lace and anything with the new shiny material. “I love anything with a ‘wow’ moment,” she says, “and these definitely say ‘wow’ when you walk into the studio! I’m also surprised at how much I love the leotards that are not spaghetti strap. Ten years ago, you would never find me in a thick strap or a razor back cut, but I am all over these different lines, maybe because I am embracing being a woman!”

Dancers will also be lucky enough to take a class from Mearns, one of the most technically proficient and exciting ballerinas of our time. Mearns will offer some of her own warm-up exercises, impart wisdom she has received from her own teachers, and share how she prepares her body for the stage. 

“It’s all about being simple but with a goal,” Mearns notes. “I have a certain way of warming up every day and knowing what I need to do my job, and maybe it will work for others as well. I am constantly learning and working hard to be the best technician I can be, so I will most likely be learning while I’m teaching!”

Following the class, participants will have the chance to ask the principal dancer any questions, and Mearns says to not hold back! 

“I want people to ask me things that will help them, advice to navigate whatever they may be going through,” Mearns shares. “Life is such a crazy journey, with every day presenting new obstacles and curves, that I want to inspire or help in any way I can based on what I’ve been through. It’s about being real and honest.”

This special master class event will have something for everyone, whether you’re a student or a professional, teacher or just big fan. To register, visit www.broadwaydancecenter.com/master-class/sara-mearns-master-class-só-dança-collection-reveal.

By Laura Di Orio of Dance Informa.

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