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If you are responsible for the cleaning of your studio’s dance floors, it’s important to realize which maintenance methods are correct and which are actually damaging. After all, our floors are really the only completely necessary equipment for us to be able to dance. 

If you’ve never taken the time to learn from an expert, now’s your chance as Stagestep Flooring Solutions walks through a little Maintenance 101 to help your studio extend the life of its floors!

 7 Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Problem Floors 

#1. DO: Dry mop your floor every day.

DON’T: Use a treated mop.

#2. DO: Wash your floor weekly with a detergent degreaser, like ProClean. For slippery floors you can try ProClean NS. 

DON’T: Rinse with water. Water spreads body oil, perspiration and lotions all over the floor.

#3. DO: Use a specialty stain remover, SimplyGone, when food and drink get on your floor.

DON’T: Dry mop when stuff gets on your floor like coffee, food stains, lipstick and etc. (Eew, just don’t.)

#4. DO: Remove scuff and dye marks with a special solvent, like Wipeout Plus. Then flush the site with water to remove solvent.

DON’T: Wait to treat scuff and dye marks. The sooner they’re removed, the easier it will be.

#5. DO: Use artificial shammy cloth on the bottom of mop when dry mopping daily. Weekly wet down your floor and use a wet/dry shop vacuum to suck up the metal particles. (If not using ProClean NS.)

DON’T: Clean up aluminum tap residue with detergent and water. It looks like black/grey soot and is coming from metal on shoes, especially from tap shoes. This sticks to everything.  

#6. DO: Rent a small cleaning machine (125-175 rpm) twice a year. Use a green or aqua pad to deep clean your floor with a detergent degreaser, ProClean using a more concentrated formula. Rinse with water after this procedure.

DON’T: Use a black pad as it may scratch the floor surface.

#7. DO: Use industrial-strength disinfectant, like ProClean D, twice a year to kill unseen germs and the beginnings of mold. Dry mop the floor following the application.

DON’T: Let your dance floor be the start of sick winter “zombie” students. Disinfect once during winter.

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