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3 Magical Words That Make Enrollment Effortless

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One of the trickiest things to navigate as a studio owner, especially when coming back to semester, is transitioning your families into an automated enrollment process. This means every month, their enrollment is guaranteed. You don’t ever have to ask people to re-enroll.

And so, today I want to share how to effectively communicate a transition over to automated enrollment — including the three magic words that just make it a dream.

We just recently guided one of our beautiful Studio Expansion clients through this process. Her name is Marina, and she is from Queensland in Australia.

In her studio, Marina had been doing that kind of very manual, very cumbersome work of having to re-enroll every student for the next session. We wanted to ease and automate that entire part of the administration of her studio.

It is all very well and good to have all the systems for automated enrollment, but how do you actually get the families on board with it? What I’m going to share with you is the process that we’ve knocked out for Marina.

The first thing we did is that we looked at a few different ways to communicate this transition.

When you’re making a change like this, the communication has to be spotless. So to start with, we wrote three beautiful emails that clearly articulated this whole change.  Here’s where we use our magic words.

EASY is magic word #1.

CONVENIENT is magic word #2. 

EFFORTLESS is magic word #3.

And a fourth bonus magic word: SIMPLE.

So we ask ourselves, “How are we going to communicate easy, convenient, effortless and simple?” Then literally, every sentence we write speaks to one of those words.

The way it works is that we share that we are so excited to announce that we’re moving to an easy and convenient enrollment system that’s going to make your life so much simpler. Everything will go from cumbersome to effortless. 

All the way through, we just keep re-emphasizing this positivity in the studio.

We did the emails, and then we also made a beautiful, big sign. The moment they walked into Marina’s studio, we had a beautiful sign that said, “Three steps to make enrollment effortless.” There was a lovely bubble saying, “Doesn’t that sound dreamy?” We really had fun with it and made it playful.

On the sign, we bulleted the three very simple steps to take:

  • Step one, go to
  • Step two, choose your classes to enroll in.
  • And step three, that’s it! You’re all done.

How we present change is how they’re going to receive it.

We made it so accessible for people to feel comfortable and calm. We can’t come nervously thinking, “They’re going to hate it. They’re going to hate it.” No, no, no, they’re going to love it!  It’s going to be super easy, super easy, super easy! 

The most important thing here is just to reiterate that if anyone has any challenges, to come up to the front desk and we’ll walk you through it side by side.

Another little tip that we did was to record a ScreenFlow video that showed them actually putting in their details.

So now we had a simple video we could email out to families showing them how to use this online system. People loved that because they could just press play and watch how simple the steps were. They could even pause after each step on the video to do each step as they went along.

The best thing about this communication process is that it saves you from being inundated with lots of questions. I’m a big fan of preempting the systems glitches and giving people the tools to be able to understand on their own. It saves you a lot of headache, too.

This is a perfect example of a super easy, convenient, effortless system that you can bring into your studio to make your life a whole lot dreamier.

What we love to do here at Studio Expansion is to make your life and easier and to make your studio more of a joy to run. 

So I’ve put together an Effortless Enrollment Cheat Sheet to streamline this process for you. So watch me go through this process in a quick video here, and download your Cheat Sheet by clicking here.

It’s going to make your life a breeze!

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