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Top 10 takeaways from dance competition

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Dance.
Photo courtesy of Celebrity Dance Competition

When you’re wrapped up in the craziness that is dance competition, you sometimes forget to look around and appreciate all of the lessons you are learning. Dance competitions can teach us a ton, and they’re much more than just dancing on stage in a shiny costume. Here, Dance Informa shares our top 10 takeaways from dance competition.

#1. Exposure.

Some people say that half of success is hard work and talent, and the other half is luck or being in the right place at the right time. The more you expose your talent and gifts to an audience, the greater your chances are to have a little luck.

#2. Performance experience.

This pretty much goes without saying, but there is always something to be learned from each and every performance experience. Soak it all in and learn from the opportunity to perform.

#3. Critiques/Feedback.

Most competition judges critique dancers with care and in an attempt to help the dancer improve. Take what the judges say to heart because they really do know what they’re talking about.

#4. Networking with peers.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…someone you’re competing with may very well end up being your roommate in college, or your dance captain in a Broadway show in the future. Be mindful, humble, and take the opportunity to network with fellow dancers.

#5. Learning how to handle disappointment.

Dance competition is not all sunshine and jazz hands. There are times when you will feel disappointed because your friend scored higher than you or you received 20th overall when last competition you scored third. That is the way the world works, and you learn to appreciate the time on stage and the memories you create with friends. You also learn how to be a humble winner (hopefully).

#6. Time management.

Time management is critical to life…especially when working in a professional setting or going to auditions. You also learn to take valuable time to eat and rest.

#7. Self-motivation/Holding yourself accountable/Responsibility.

When competing, there is not always someone backstage to encourage you to warm up and stretch, or a coach to get you pumped and motivated to do your best. You learn to be self-motivated, and you learn to hold yourself accountable.

#8. Inspiration/Learning from others.

There is so much to be said for a person who can watch another artist and not feel intimidated but instead feel inspired.

#9. Quick changes.

If nothing else, something to take away from competition is the ability to change costumes quickly and switch gears from one dance style to another in a matter of minutes.

#10. Perseverance.

Through injury, through exhaustion, through defeat…dance competitions show you that if you persevere and learn how to push through tough times, your success will be more sweet and rewarding.

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

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