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A New, Exciting Way to Watch Dance: CEO Brian Williams talks Dance Network

Co-founders of Dance Network David Medeiros and Julie Stadler. Photo courtesy of Dance Network.

Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years. It sounds old of me to say, but when I was growing up, the main source of dance on TV or online were PBS specials, home VHS tapes and classic movie musicals. Now, dance is everywhere! Dance is available on television, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, and especially YouTube and Vimeo. None of these outlets, however, are exclusively geared toward the world of dance.

Dance Network is a brand new media platform for anyone interested in watching your favorite dance programming. It’s like Netflix for dance, where you can view original dance programming, short films and feature films. Let the binge watching begin!

Dance Network CEO Brian Williams. Photo courtesy of Dance Network.

Dance Network CEO Brian Williams. Photo by Blythe Thomas.

CEO of Dance Network, Brian Williams, has a background in television and advertising. About two years ago, ballroom dancers Julia Carell Stadler and David J. Medeiros approached Williams through a mutual friend with an idea. “There was a gap in the marketplace,” Williams says. “Dancers were being underserved.”

Dance Network states on its site: “The first ever full service network devoted entirely to dance will offer a complete spectrum of exciting dance programming from all over the world, including feature films, documentaries, reality series, competitions, instruction, scripted programming and more.”

“Dance Network is the first global network dedicated to all forms of dance that is available to connect to all devices all around the world,” Williams explains further.

A subscription to Dance Network costs $6.99 if you pay month-to-month, $5.99 for a six-month commitment, or $4.99 for a year-long commitment.

If you subscribe to Dance Network, the content available to you is ever-evolving and expanding. Available now are multiple original programs, including STEP, Steady Mobbin’ and Traveling Dancer. Also included are favorites like Dance Academy, BBC show Tango Mio, and children’s program Hip Hop Harry.

Steady Mobbin TV show on Dance Network. Photo courtesy of Dance Network.

‘Steady Mobbin” on Dance Network. Photo courtesy of Dance Network.

And involved in a subscription to Dance Network is access to live dance competition events, including ballroom great, The Ohio Star Ball Championships.

Williams adds, “We had 50 hours of coverage from The Ohio Star Ball. It was shot with a very expensive style of coverage that the industry has never seen before. We had three production trucks, a satellite truck, over a 100-person crew and six correspondents. We built a SportsCenter-type set. We want to raise competitive dance to the level of other sports, whether it be golf or tennis. We’ve got some of the best talent in dancers across any sport in terms of athleticism. Everyone knows these golfers, for example — Tiger Woods, Arnold Plamer. And yet, dancers are some of the most beautiful, talented people, and no one knows their names. So, one of our major overall objectives is to raise competitive dance to the level of a legitimate sport. And that starts with the way it’s covered.”

Co-founders David Medeiros and Julie Stadler. Photo courtesy of Dance Network

Co-founders David Medeiros and Julie Stadler. Photo Ryan Kenner.

Although live events, as for now, are strictly ballroom (pun intended), Williams says they are always looking to expand to covering more live dance events, and Dance Network plans to feature dance competitions, ballroom competitions and show choir competitions.

Also coming soon to Dance Network is a scientific-style series called The Break Down, which tackles the science of dance. “In a very fun and entertaining way, [the show] looks at everything from the medical benefits of dance, to motion control within dance steps,” Williams explains. “It’s almost a Myth Busters for dance.”

Williams stresses that Dance Network is “not trying to do any type of programming that is drama for the sake of drama. We are trying to be authentic for dancers but also relatable for non-dancers. We’re informative, inspiring and entertaining.”

But not everything is too serious. With fun shows like Dance Academy and original programming such as STEP and Steady Mobbin’, Dance Network is a new and exciting way to immerse yourself in dance completely, whether on your iPad, television or computer.

Subscribe today at www.DanceNetwork.tv.

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

Photo (top): Co-founders of Dance Network David Medeiros and Julie Stadler. Photo courtesy of Dance Network.

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