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10 Ways to Refocus for Back to Dance

Back to dance class

Can you believe that Summer is over?! Now it’s time to refocus and plan for the new dance year ahead. Here are 10 helpful tips to start your dance year off right.

1. Read a dance book to get back in the dance mood. Suggestions: Misty Copeland’s Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina and Jenifer Ringer’s Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet.

2. Begin using your Thera-Band again. Start slowly…ease into it. Do some more light foot/ankle stretches to keep you on the track to success for back to dance.

3. Watch a dance movie! Suggestions: Ballet 422, First Position, Singin’ in the Rain, Ballerina, Etoiles: Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet, and any of the Step Up movies! (The second one with Robert Hoffman is my fave!)

4. Write your goals for the year in a journal – and be specific. For example, my pirouette goal by the end of the year is 4 on the right and 3 on the left. Or one goal for this next year is take hip hop or tap classes to increase my versatility. Be realistic, but still challenge yourself.

5. Do a dance photo shoot to get back in the dance spirit. Lights, camera, action! Who doesn’t love a dance photo shoot with friends?! Go outside and see what kind of great images you and your friends can come up with.

6. [If your parent permits:] Go on a dance wear shopping spree! Suggestions: the new bright Betsey Johnson line from Capezio, and some of the many fun leotards at Dancewear Solutions!

7. Listen to your favorite contenders for your solo song. Another year, another solo! What to choose…what to choose? Listen to your favorites and narrow down your choices by improv-ing to them. See which song moves you most and that’s your winner- just make sure it’s not a song that everyone else is going to use!

8. Ease back into your dance classes. I know, it’s exciting…a brand new dance year! But make sure not to jump in too quickly and hurt yourself. Easing back into your schedule is the best plan.

9. Talk about your future dance plans with your parents, friends or dance instructors. It’s always best to stay focused on the present, but your future should also be in the conversation. Dreams, goals, aspirations…try to pinpoint these as this next dance year unfolds. 

10. Set a nutrition plan for the year. I know this applies to almost all lists…ever…but eating right and staying healthy really can improve the way you dance and generally function in all areas of life.

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

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