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How Embarrassing…

By Rebecca Martin of Dance Informa.

When we think of dancers, words such as “graceful”, “fit”, and “elegant” come to mind. Sometimes, words such as “clumsy”, “awkward” and “embarrassing” are more appropriate.

We’ve all been there: falling over in class and tripping in rehearsal, dealing with wayward props and costume malfunctions on stage.

And of course, there are different ways of coping with these moments. Some dancers pick themselves up and continue as if nothing ever happened. Some improvise like a pro to cover up, and then there are those dancers who chuck a hissy fit and storm off stage or insist the conductor start the piece again.

Now, Dance Informa brings you How Embarrassing, a monthly column of dance blunders, bloopers and mishaps from amateurs to professional dancers. We speak with industry luminaries and chronicle their most embarrassing moments, often captured in glorious video.

In this video, Bolshoi superstar Ivan Vasilev presents us with a commanding and technically virtuosic performance but all eyes are on the girl on the left…

She did well to ensure her headpiece was still in place and then picked up the choreography with minimum fuss. I hope she didn’t have too much of a headache afterwards – ouch!

Meanwhile, this dancer was a little more dramatic…

Poor girl. We hope she just injured her pride and nothing else.

And even one of the world’s greatest ballerinas, Sylvie Guillem, is prone to the odd stack. She does fall so gracefully though.

Then there’s this guy, who deserves a medal. He probably also needs a job too…

Write to Dance Informa at rebecca@danceinforma.com.au and share your embarrassing dance moments with us. If you have humiliating footage, please include a link or file so that we can share it with the world.

To take us out, here is almost 10 minutes of glorious falls, trips and stumbles:

Photo (top): © Piotr Marcinski | Dreamstime.com

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