Dance Quiz – Ballet Terminology

Test your ballet terminology.

By Rain Francis.

1.   What does piqué mean?

a)     To pick
b)     To prick
c)     To stick
d)     To click

2.     If you were doing a fondu, how many legs would you be standing on?

a)     One
b)     Two
c)     None

3.     Who was the ‘royale’ (or changement battu) allegedly named for?

a)     Nijinksy
b)     Nijinksa
c)     Pavlova
d)     Louis XIV

4.     Which of the following means ‘to fall’?

a)     Tombé
b)     Chassé
c)     Jeté
d)     Pas de bourrée

5.     Which of the following is commonly considered a step to be performed by a male dancer?

a)     Fouetté en tourant
b)     Tour en l’air
c)     Glissade
d)     Grand battements

6.     If you were travelling de côté, in which direction would you be going?

a)     Forwards
b)     Backwards
c)     Sideways
d)     Diagonally

7.     Where would you find your jambes?

a)     At the end of your arms
b)     Attached to your hips
c)     On your shoulders
d)     In your ballet shoes

8.     Which body parts are primarily involved in épaulement?

a)     Head, neck, shoulders
b)     Waist, hips, hands
c)     Feet and legs
d)     Arms and legs

9.     Which of the following is not named for an animal?

a)     Pas de chat
b)     Pas de cheval
c)     Pas de bourrée

10.  True or false?

Frappé means ‘to whip’.


1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – d; 4 – a; 5 –b; 6 – c; 7 – b; 8 – a; 9 – c; 10 – false.

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