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Tap Dance Quiz

Maybe you can tap out a rhythm, but how much do you really know about tap dance?

By Rain Francis.

1. Which of the following steps would you associate least with tap dance?

a) shuffle

b) cramp roll

c) layout

d) wings

2. Which of the following musicals would you find the most tap dancing in?

a) 42nd Street

b) A Chorus Line

c) Oklahoma!

d) Hair

3. True or false: Mr Bojangles is a fictional character.

4. With which style of tap dance would you most associate Michael Flatley?

a) Irish tap dancing

b) Soft shoe

c) Broadway tap

d) All of the above

5. Which of the following is not a character from Anything Goes?

a) Billy Crocker

b) Reno Sweeney

c) Moonface Martin

d) Billy Flynn

6. What is the name for a tap dancer who dances very close to the floor, using mostly footwork and little upper body movement?

a) flapper

b) shuffler

c) stepper

d) hoofer

7. The USA celebrates National Tap Dance Day on May 25. In what year was this signed into law?

a) 1909

b) 1949

c) 1989

d) 2009

8. Mumble, Gloria, Memphis and Norma Jean are all characters from which tapping movie?

a) Step Up

b) Happy Feet

c) Singing in the Rain

d) Tap

9. Which famous tapper is not an actor in the 1989 film Tap?

a) Savion Glover

b) Gregory Hines

c) Sammy Davis, Jnr

d) Fred Astaire

10. In the film Anchors Aweigh, Gene Kelly famously performs a tap dance number with which cartoon character?

a) Mickey Mouse

b) Jerry Mouse

c) Bambi

d) Jessica Rabbit


1 – c; 2 – a; 3 – false; 4 – a; 5 – d; 6 – d; 7 – c; 8 – b; 9 – d; 10 – b

Photo: Melinda Sullivan and dancers perform the winning routine at this year’s Capezio ACE Awards at Dance Teacher Summit New York.
Photo courtesy of Break The Floor Productions

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