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The Carnival – Choreographers Ball

Home Night Club, Sydney Australia
October 7 2010

By Chris Bamford.

Picture this: Home Night Club, hundreds of aspiring dancers and hundreds of performers – this is a carnival! The Choreographer’s Ball, held across the world, has been running in Australia for only a few years and is now more popular than ever.

The night is a celebration of dance and creativity. It’s an industry event showcasing some of the hottest up-and-coming choreographers next to established names and their crews.  What an opportunity for choreographers to display their work and for dancers to work with the industry’s best – and an awesome night of entertainment!

The only criticism of the night is that it starts so late. This show started at 10:30 pm and had 28 different pieces performed in three acts – equalling a very late night, particularly for a week night! 

MC Candice Rose did a great job of keeping our attention and getting the crowd revved in between acts. The first piece of the night was a highlight. From the guys at Ookina Management, this high energy piece involved some aerial stunts and a very talented 12 year old dancer. Detour presented an amazing hip hop routine that was precise, clean and crisp, and F8tion Crew also gave us an entertaining hip hop routine that ended with a high energy house section to Usher’s “DJ’s Got Us Falling in Love”. These two crews are definitely ones to watch.

Although there was a lot of hip hop, it was an eclectic night of styles. Tiana provided us with a very ‘bootylicious’ Dance Hall routine that had us all shaking our ‘tooshes’ and Juliet Vern’s contemporary number was beautifully pieced together and well received. Brad Green and Natasha Crane’s numbers showcased very clever choreography.

The night wasn’t without controversy, with a very sensual piece by Andre Fuentes that got people talking. I could hear mutters in the audience, but in my opinion it was done in good taste and was very entertaining. 

I have to make special mention of the Janet Jackson tribute number choreographed by three very talented artists: Daryl ‘Dmo’ Morante, Blake Waterhouse, and Melanie Hitchcock. A tribute to everything ‘Janet’, this show blew me away with the precision of the choreography and the dancers.

There has been talk of a Kids Carnival at the beginning of next year, so keep an eye on the Carnival website.

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