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Broadway Dance Center Professional Semester

Broadway Dance Center, in the heart of New York City’s theater district, has just announced an exciting new program for aspiring professional dancers – Professional Semester at BDC.

Since 1984 Broadway Dance Center has earned a reputation in the global dance community as a studio of excellence, offering a diverse array of dance classes from industry leading teachers and choreographers.

Open to dancers from 18 to 27 years, the Professional Semester at BDC is designed to transform dancers from
dance students to dance professionals.

The four-month course is a great option for well-trained dancers looking to launch their professional careers. Whether a graduate of a university dance program, a current student looking to spend a semester dancing in the field, a recent high school graduate hoping to broach the dance industry, or a currently working professional looking for an intensive course to hone your skills, The Professional Semester offers the pragmatic coursework that dancers need to establish themselves as working professionals.

“I’ve designed this program essentially to offer the training, practical information, and networking opportunities I wish I’d had when I was starting out as a young dancer”, says BDC’s Director of Educational Programming Bonnie Erickson.

BDC choreographer Maria Torres leads a group of students through their mock audition class

BDC has sought the input of countless industry professionals in crafting the program. The comprehensive syllabus includes multi-disciplinary technique classes, practical seminars to educate dancers about the industry, mock auditions to provide real-world experience, and numerous networking and performance opportunities. The program concludes with a showcase finale at a local Manhattan theater for an audience including NYC dance industry professionals.

Starting in Fall 2010, there will be Fall and Spring terms. Applications for Fall 2010 are now open. The program will start on August 22. All applications must be submitted by July 23.

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