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2010 Collaboration Creation Dance Awards

Collaboration Creation Dance Awards is an amazing new Online Video Upload Dance Competition.

It is a chance to recognize all the great achievements in dance and unearth hidden talent in one connected environment. Share your skills and talents with the world.  There is an ever-growing list of opportunities and publicity for entrants with the winners receiving cash prizes and more.


All you have to do is prepare, and UPLOAD.
Upload to enter against other dance enthusiasts like yourself. 
Share your work with the world; become recognized amongst the most talented Choreographers, Dancers, Free-stylers, Hip Hop Crews, Videographers and Photographers.  

Collaboration Creation Dance Awards – Rewarding Excellence, Unearthing the Future. 
ENTRIES CLOSE 15th October 2010 

The countdown has begun…

Dance Informa is a proud sponsor of Collaboration Creation Dance Awards

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1 Comment

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