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Train with The Royal Ballet School anytime, anywhere

Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.
Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.

Have you ever wanted to get a glimpse into The Royal Ballet School and experience world-class training at its finest? Well, now is your chance. For the very first time, on any device, wherever you are around the globe, you can dance in the comfort of your own home with renowned Royal Ballet artistic staff and special guests on demand. With a curated collection of classes, you can supplement your current training with classes, and motivational talks, and explore how to strengthen your ballet technique under the guidance of expert Royal Ballet School teachers.

Experience what it’s like to train at The Royal Ballet School and immerse yourself to discover how artistry and musicality can enhance your dance performance, and simultaneously elevate your knowledge and understanding to appreciate the art form on a deeper level. The Royal Ballet School’s Intensive Courses on Demand brings the School’s offered classes tailored for age groups: 7+, 11+, 14+ and 16+, reflecting The Royal Ballet School’s full-time training programmes.

The Royal Ballet School. Photo by Pierre Tappon Photography.
The Royal Ballet School. Photo by Pierre Tappon Photography.

The platform has an extensive range of over 35 classes across the styles of ballet, contemporary, character and Pilates. In addition to this collection, you can enjoy interviews with both the artistic and healthcare teams, offering priceless insights to enhance your training. These are available to purchase individually or as specially curated intensive courses.

As a student, you can expect a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn under the guidance of expert Royal Ballet School teachers without leaving the comfort of your own home. With each class thoughtfully designed for smaller spaces, there are no specialist equipment requirements for you to worry about. Each class is taught by accomplished Royal Ballet School teachers – many of whom were previously highly regarded dancers at The Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and other prestigious companies worldwide. You can expect to gain wisdom from industry experts such as the School’s Artistic Director, Christopher Powney; Head of Artistic Programmes and Production, José Carayol; Artistic Managers Jessica Clarke, Belinda Hatley and Liane McRae; and Artistic Teachers Ricardo Cervera, Valeri Hristov, Nicola Katrak, Paul Lewis, Carol-Anne Millar, Kate Swainston, Nicola Tranah and Didy Veldman.

Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.
Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.

As a participant, there are multiple benefits which will contribute to your artistic and technical growth. As the already dedicated student that you are, these classes are not designed for absolute beginners but rather have been curated and designed to supplement and enhance your current ballet education – taking you to the next level. These are also ideal for continuing development and training over the holiday period, encouraging you to refine your skills, knowledge and technique before returning to your regular training schedule. 

Furthermore, learning to apply feedback is part of the process which helps you develop and grow. Being exposed to different teaching styles, dance styles and disciplines enables you to increase your adaptability and versatility, which is critical not only in your training but in your professional development as well. You’ll develop and refine your ballet technique, continue to master essential skills, and develop artistry, musicality and self-expression – all attributes and skills that Royal Ballet School students are renowned and admired for.

José Carayol, Head of Artistic Programmes and Production at The Royal Ballet School and Ballet Teacher on Intensive Courses on Demand, shares, “We are taking the teaching approach that we use every day in the School and applying it to an online environment. The important thing is that the student, wherever they are, is invested in their own learning and understands how to apply what they’re seeing on the screen to their own dancing.” Being invested in your own and ongoing learning is a key attribute for any dedicated student and professional in any field. 

Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.
Photo courtesy of The Royal Ballet School.

As a teacher, Carayol wants to help students delve deep into concepts that you might already be familiar with. He states, “I want to unpack the tools we use at the School to take those concepts to the next level.” One of the benefits of the online platform is that it’s self-paced, meaning you can adjust your learning around your individual schedule and commitments. If this is a new way of learning for you, Carayol notes, “This is a great opportunity to enjoy the process of exploring this life-changing art form in your own time.”

If this sounds like the insights you have been searching for, Carayol adds, “Another great thing about these classes is the attention to detail and the depth of knowledge of our teachers. It’s paying attention to the details that help a dancer improve, so the focus classes highlighting one particular area in great detail are a great resource to enhance your dancing.”

Each class has a recommended age band and reflects the level of training given to students of that age group at The Royal Ballet School. This is a guide only, and students may take any class they feel is suitable for their level, provided they meet the minimum age recommendation. Please check the ‘Who can participate’ guidance under each class, and check with your dance teacher if you’re not sure.

To discover more, explore classes at ondemand.royalballetschool.org.uk/all-collections.

By Renata Ogayar of Dance Informa.

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