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Preschool teaching tips with Tiffany Henderson: Tapping into learning styles

Photo courtesy of Twinkle Star Dance.
Photo courtesy of Twinkle Star Dance.

In Dance Informa’s series, Preschool teaching tips with Tiffany Henderson, we hear from master studio owner and dance business expert Tiffany Henderson, the successful owner of seven Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations with over 2,500 students. Henderson also founded Twinkle Star Dance as a toolkit for studio owners.

Here we look at Tapping into learning styles.

We all learn things in different ways. Here are some things to keep in mind while training preschool dancers. 

#1. Dance is typically taught verbally as well as the “follow me” method. That works for the majority of dancers; however, some dancers learn in a more “hands-on” way.  

#2. While teachers need to be careful when touching dancers, sometimes it is necessary to physically move the dancer through the movement. 

#3. The use of analogies, and rhythmic exercises such as clapping the rhythm, etc., are good alternate ways of getting the material across to the students.  

It is the teacher’s responsibility to determine the learning styles of her students and use the necessary techniques to ensure the students learn the material to the best of their ability.  

Tiffany Henderson.

Meet Tiffany Henderson:

Tiffany Henderson is an industry leader and dance business expert. Tiffany owns and operates multiple Tiffany’s Dance Academy locations in Northern California. Her video-based teacher training system and curriculum, Twinkle Star Dance, is currently implemented in 300+ dance studios worldwide.

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