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Dancio expands online class offerings and roster of master teachers 

Blakely White-McGuire with students for Dancio. Photo by Paula Lobo.
Blakely White-McGuire with students for Dancio. Photo by Paula Lobo.

Just in time for Christmas gift-giving, Dancio, the online dance instruction provider, has announced an expansion of its line-up of classes, teachers and menu of subscriptions. 

Led by world-renowned teachers, Dancio’s library now includes over 100 classes in a wide range of dance and fitness genres from ballet, modern, contemporary and West African dance, to yoga and body conditioning. Available in monthly and yearly subscriptions and à la carte individual classes, Dancio offers instruction at affordable prices from the comfort of your home or studio. Aspiring dancers of all ages can turn to Dancio to improve their technique, develop artistry or simply participate in the joy of dance. 

Dancio was launched in 2015, by Caitlin Trainor, artistic director of Trainor Dance and dance faculty member at Barnard College/Columbia University. Dancio has emerged as the go-to platform for virtual dance training, exploding during the pandemic as dancers searched for elite training in 2020, and now reaching dance lovers in over 90 countries. 

“Dancio is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who likes to move, from competition kids to work from home adults,” said Trainor. “Aspiring and professional dancers can try new classes together, with single classes starting at just $10. With a platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, Dancio gifts are a truly memorable choice.” 

Dancio boasts a roster of renowned instructors, including current and former professional dancers, directors and dance faculty of respected academies. Julie Kent, Irina Dvorovenko, Katie Boren, Carlos Lopez, Kathleen Moore (American Ballet Theatre), Ashley Bouder, Craig Hall, Lauren King, Robert La Fosse, Daniel Ulbricht, Wendy Whelan (New York City Ballet), Antonio Brown, Diana Byer, Tamisha Guy, Lia Cirio, Maleek Washington and founder Caitlin Trainor are among the platform’s current line-up of instructors. Dancio’s master teachers offer instruction to dancers at all levels from beginner through advanced, including youth-oriented and open classes, frequently accompanied by original music for dance. A full roster of teachers is available by visiting

Dancio customers can choose from several flexible packages to best suit their needs. Packages include Dancio Live!, Fast Class and Dancio Audio, and are available in all of Dancio’s genres, for all skill levels.

With Dancio Live!, Dancio users can book a 30- or 60-minute real time session with participating Dancio’s master artists. Dancio Live! enables users to book a private or group lesson for one-on-one attention and detailed guidance, obtain tips on conditioning and cross-training, and create a custom curriculum. Individuals and groups can participate by scheduling a session at an appointed hour.

Dancio Fast Classes are 20- to 30-minute condensed versions of Dancio classes, guiding users from exercise to exercise without instruction and allowing them to fit a quick class into their day. Fast Classes are available exclusively with a Dancio monthly or yearly subscription.

DancioAudio offers a unique somatic experience for which users don’t need to look at their screen to follow along. These classes range in style from ballet and yoga, to Bartenieff and breath-movement coordination. Expert instructors guide users with their voice and bring movement practice to a new level. DancioAudio classes are available to rent for $7 per individual class or as part of a Dancio monthly or yearly subscription.

Dancio offers subscription and bundle options to fit a variety of needs and budgets.  

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