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Symbiosis Arts premieres new film ‘The Valkyries’

Symbiosis Arts's 'The Valkyries'.
Symbiosis Arts's 'The Valkyries'.

Symbiosis Arts, a dance-based collaborative arts company that was originally founded by Braeden Barnes and Ryland Early, has released a new short dance film, The Valkyries, available to view on Vimeo. The film was choreographed by Barnes, with filming and editing by Michelle Reid, and music by AGF. 

The film may have been inspired by a quote from author Paulo Coelho’s book, The Valkyries: “Angels are love in motion. They never rest, they struggle to grow, and they are beyond good and evil.” 

Symbiosis’ film features a group of female dancers dressed in all black clothing and face masks, performing Barnes’s choreography in the quiet streets of Chicago. 

Symbiosis has a strong foundation in dance but is taking a new and expanded approach, incorporating all elements of art to further enrich the heart and mind of its audience, according to the company’s website. Symbiosis hopes to continue to grow artistically by testing boundaries, unorthodox collaborations and being open-minded enough to change how art is seen and consumed. 

To view Symbiosis Arts’s dance film, The Valkyries, click here. The company is asking for a $5-25 donation to support the film. For more, visit symbiosisarts.org/support

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