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Video Interview Series. Episode 4: Emmy Nominee Al Blackstone

Emmy-nominee Al Blackstone.
Al Blackstone. Photo by Susan Stripling.

In our fourth episode of Dance Informa’s Video Interview Series, I chatted with musical theater choreographer and teacher, Al Blackstone, who was just nominated for his first Emmy Award! 

Al Blackstone

Al Blackstone. Photo by Susan Stripling.

On tour with Jump in Atlanta, Blackstone recently made time in his extremely busy schedule to sit down and talk about his choreographic style, his inspirations, the challenges of being a touring teacher and how to make the most of a convention experience. His story is fascinating and he shares great advice for young students about dance and life.

It was such a joy to speak with him because he is so incredibly articulate and passionate. He’s one of those people whom you can tell would be an amazing student, because he approaches his craft from the heart but also with an academic mind.

Watch his interview below to learn more about this incredible human.

By Allison Gupton of Dance Informa.

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